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Welcome to the final Armpit quiz, except this isn't a quiz. Thanks to everyone who wrote in last week with their well wishes.

Congratulations to the final quiz winner: Sherron Shabazz, plugging
Last week's answers:

-Flair lost his "retirement" match to Hogan at Halloween Havoc '94.

-Savage turned babyface after his match at WM7 when Sherri Martel turned on him. Sherri was a great manager who I hope returns to TV one day. To further complete the turn, Elizabeth ran into the ring (she had been watching from the audience all night) and threw down Sherri. Savage looked stunned, waited, and then finally embraced Liz in what was a very emotional moment for those who naively believed Savage was really retiring. My friends and I, who were in the 9th grade, were trying to be macho in front of each other and made every attempt not to cry.

-Foley's retirement match in 2000 was against HHH.

-Piper defeated Adrian Adonis at WM3.

-Arn surrendered his 4 Horsemen spot to Curt Hennig.

-We were incorrect in stating Magnum TA had a motorcycle accident. It was a car accident, and a few years later, Magnum was co-hosting WCW Main Event.

-That former AWA champ was Rick Martel.

-That Texan legend who can never retire is Terry Funk.

-Of the names listed, Disco Inferno did NOT appear on a TNA show this year. And thank goodness for that.

-The semi-retired man we spoke of is Lance Storm.

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