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1. Before Jimmy Hart was lost in the shuffle in WWE and WCW, he was one of the all-time greats down in Memphis, circa 1981. He and Lawler helped draw weekly crowds as high as 8,000, which is unheard of today. Hart's initial fame, however, was as a musician. Name the fairly popular 1960s band Hart was a member of, along with their most famous song.

2. As a pimp, Slick played a fresh and entertaining character in WWE in the late 80s. While not the legit musician Jimmy Hart was/is, Slick did a hilarious, catchy song on the 2nd ever WWE album, "Piledriver" in 1987. What was the name of the song Slick sang on that album?

3. Jim Cornette drew a ton of money with Bill Watts in the legendary Midnight Express vs. Rock N Roll Express feud in the early 80s. When Watts later got the book in WCW in 1992, Hell froze over and Cornette agreed to do an angle with WCW during his busy schedule managing Smokey Mountain Wrestling. Cornette's return to WCW featured an interview and angle almost line-for-line the same as their angle in Watt's Mid-South promotion. Rock n Roll Express were again the victims of Cornette's diatribe. Only this time, there was no Midnight Express. What tag team was Cornette representing in this feud that later climaxed at SuperBrawl '93? (Name not only the team name, but also EACH tag team wrestler.)

4. Bobby Heenan has been around forever and has aged better than most of the wrestlers. While the quality of his commentary slipped when he became an anti-NWO babyface figure, he has proved on Wrestling Observer Live and numerous reunion appearances that he's still got it. Heenan wore a neckbrace for much of 1987 to sell an angle that didn't really go anywhere. Who "broke" Heenan's neck in that angle, and how did he do it?

5. Butch Reed got a bad rap in WWE, but years before that stint he was a pretty respectable worker working for Bill Watts. After his WWE slump, Reed went to WCW and got favorable reviews for his work there. Whom did he team with, what was the team called, what man managed the team, and what is that manager doing now in WWE?
1. Jimmy Hart's band was the Gentrys, and their big hit was "Keep on Dancing." You twentysomethings may remember that song from a stuffed animal commercial in the 1980s during Saturday morning cartoons. Every time you heard it, Jimmy Hart got royalties.

2. Slick's song was "Jive Soul Bro."

3. Jim Cornette's tag team was the Heavenly Bodies, consisting of Stan Lane and Tom Pritchard. At SuperBrawl 3, they were also accompanied to the ring by "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton in a **** match against the Rock N Roll Express. That PPV was awesome, by the way. It got lost in the shuffle due to Andre the Giant's death. Get a tape if you can, as it also has Benoit vs. Scorpio, Foley vs. Orndorff, and Sting vs. Vader in **** matches, not to mention Ric Flair's long-awaited return to WCW and a hot opener with Austin and Pillman as the Hollywood Blonds.

4. Ken Patera "broke" Bobby Heenan's neck in a debate by hooking a belt around his neck and snapping him backwards. This was the one question that stumped most of you. Lots of you thought it was Billy Jack Haynes who broke Heenan's neck with the Full Nelson.

5. Butch Reed formed a tag team called Doom with Ron Simmons in WCW. They were a masked team, managed by Woman, the current Mrs. Chris Benoit. But the answer I was after was Theodore R. Long (notice I asked "what MAN managed them"). Long, of course, is now the WWE SmackDown General manager. And Simmons, of course, was Farooq in the APA with Bradshaw, though that wasn't part of the question.
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