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1. Before Rick Steiner became an unprofessional guy who potatoed midcarders on Nitro, he was a very entertaining character and a powerhouse worker with inhuman strength as part of the Varsity Club in the late 80s. His interviews were so funny and he used to talk to his hand. His hand became his "imaginary" pet. What did Rick name this pet?

2. Poor Jake Roberts had to witness the Earthquake squash and kill his snake, Damien. Not to be outdone, Jake got another snake to replace Damien. What did Jake name this new pet of his?

3. Name 3 wrestlers, on any continent, who used the word "Animal" in their ring name.

4. A very famous tag team from the 60s was named after one of Australia's signature animals (the same animal Vince Russo wanted to book in a wrestler vs. animal match during a proposed tour of Australia). Ask your grandfather and name that tag team (just the team name is fine, no need to name the wrestlers themselves).

5. Those tough guys in the Legion of Doom sure had a sissy gimmick of that childhood toy they had in the WWF. Their manager, Paul Ellering, introduced a puppet named "Freckles" as the childhood toy of the Road Warriors. Luckily, the WWF changed the name of "Freckles" (but this gimmick was still lame beyond belief). What did they change the name of "Freckles" to? (Hint: Think Public Enemy)

6. The fate of the British Bulldogs is one of the saddest stories of the last 2 decades. Smith never lived to see 40, and Dynamite spends his days in major physical pain. But remember that little bulldog who used to accompany them to the ring and loved to chase and bite Bobby Heenan? Name her.

7. Rick Steamboat was a very popular babyface in the WWF in the late 80s. On one vengeful night, Steamboat brought his own pet to the ring, in a cage. What animal did Steamboat bring?

8. If you win, please tell us how you'd like to list your name and plug. Due to time constraints, you will not be notified if you win, and instead will have to wait until next week when the winning names are posted. If you're playing just for fun and don't care about winning, you don't have to answer this question.
-Rick Steiner's imaginary pet was "Alex."

-Jake's second snake was named Lucifer. Many of you incorrectly said Revelations, which was the name of a snake he later used.

-I was looking for these names: Road Warrior Animal, George "The Animal" Steele, and Animal Hamaguchi, and most of you got the first 2 easily. I also gave credit for Eric the Animal, and other obscure names of indie guys. I didn't give credit for Batista's nickname of "Evolution's Animal." Not that it mattered, because 3 people won the quiz long before anyone gave that answer.

-The team from the 60s was the Fabulous Kangaroos.

-LOD's "Freckles" puppet was renamed to "Rocco" or "Rocko." Most of you got this.

-The Bulldog's bulldog was named Mathilda.

-Rick Steamboat brought a komodo dragon to the ring. I also accepted lizard, but most of you got this correct anyway.
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