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1. One of the most famous hold-ups is Ultimate Warrior's financial demands placed on Vince McMahon before a big PPV main event. After the show, Vince showed some balls and fired the face-painted freak. Before which PPV did this take place, and in what year?

2. When the nWo did a spoof on the 4 Horsemen on Nitro in 1997, there was a lot of heat on them as some felt they had gone too far. In particular was the portrayal of Arn Anderson as a bumbling drunk. Which nWo member played the role of Arn Anderson?

3. In 1990, Jim Cornette finally had enough and quit WCW with Stan Lane. Bobby Eaton stayed because he had a family to feed. Later that year, Cornette jokingly sent a wreath to WCW and sent his condolences on the death of their wrestling promotion. Whom in WCW did Cornette send this wreath to?

4. There was quite an entertaining an angle in WWF in which Davey Boy Smith's then-wife Diana had a crush on Shawn Michaels. Funny on camera, but behind the scenes Smith was vehemently trying to put an end to that angle. Smith eventually got his way, but not before a great in-ring interview with HBK in which he directly turned down Diana by telling her, "Mrs. Smith, with all due respect, please do NOT _______ yourself!" Fill in the blank.

5. We all know about the Montreal screwjob with Bret and Vince. That wound has yet to be healed. Someone else walked out on WWF that weekend and no-showed the next night's TV taping. He quickly came back and eventually became a huge star with the WWF, but this guy gets a gold star for at least temporarily sticking up for what was right. Who was this brave soul?
-Ultimate Warrior held up Vince for more money before SummerSlam '91. Then he was fired (and re-hired 7 months later).

-Kevin Nash mocked Arn Anderson in the nWo spoof on the 4 Horsemen in 1997.

-Jim Cornette sent the wreath to Jim Herd at WCW.

-Shawn Michaels told Diana Hart Smith, "Mrs. Smith, with all due respect, please do NOT 'flatter' yourself."

-Mick Foley no-showed the WWF tapings after Vince screwed Bret at Survivor Series 1997.
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