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1. Everyone was jumping up and down when Bill Watts was named new WCW booker in 1992. The celebrating didn't last long, however. What longstanding traditional wrestling maneuver did Bill Watts ban as soon as he got the job? The ban was later rescinded after an overwhelming 900-line poll was taken on a live Clash of the Champions from Center Stage in Atlanta, GA.

2. One rare bright spot during the Watts WCW era was the Steve Williams & Terry Gordy vs. Rick & Scott Steiner feud. They had a 30-minute draw at Beach Blast that was old-time wrestling at its best, and followed up days later with a **** match at the Clash of the Champions in June of '92. That tag match was part of the NWA tag title tourney which saw several stars from around the world brought in. Of those 4 guys (Gordy, Williams, Rick, Scott), which was NOT a star in Watts' old Mid-South UWF promotion?

3. Right before Eric Bischoff was given the VP position in '93, there was another man also in the running who, thankfully, didn't get the job. He did go on to become the face of Nitro for years, though. What chubby TBS mainstay did Bischoff leap over to get the spot?

4. Who uttered these immortal words, and whom were they directed at: "I respect you, booker man."

5. Jim Cornette flexed his booking muscles in Smokey Mountain Wrestling. Paul Heyman flexed his in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Many of today's top stars worked for both ECW and SMW at one point. Name the wrestler who has NOT wrestled for EITHER ONE (Be careful: I listed some guys here who wrestled for one but not the other. Pick the one who wrestled for NEITHER):

a) Chris Jericho
b) New Jack
c) Mustafa Saed
d) Edge
e) Bobby Eaton
f) Randy Savage
g) Brad Armstrong
h) Chris Benoit
i) Mick Foley
j) Brian Lee
k) Ricky Morton
l) Jerry Lawler
m) "Bullet" Bob Armstrong
n) Robert Fuller
o) Jimmy Golden
p) Sabu

6. Jim Herd is responsible for more disasters than the San Andreas Fault. He wanted to phase out Flair and make Sting the new guy to build around. Unfortunately, Sting tore his knee to shreds in 1990 and plans were at a standstill. How did Sting injure his knee?

7. "Dirty" Dutch Mantel may have a dirty mind, but it's a good mind for booking wrestling. In which country did Mantel have great booking success and high TV ratings? (Hint: It sure as Hell ain't the USA)

8. If you win, please tell us how you'd like to list your name and plug. Due to time constraints, you will not be notified if you win, and instead will have to wait until next week when the winning names are posted. If you're playing just for fun and don't care about winning, you don't have to answer this question.
-Bill Watts banned all moves off the top of the rope. For you new fans are scratching your heads, trust me, we were scratching our heads back then too.

-Of the 4 guys mentioned (Terry Gordy, Steve Williams, Rick & Scott Steiner), only Scott was never a star in Mid-South Wrestling.

-The TBS mainstay who was in the running for the job Eric Bischoff was after was Tony Schiavone. Wrestling would not be the same today if that had happened.

-Brian Pillman told Kevin Sullivan, "I respect you, booker man."

-Of the guys listed, the wrestler who worked for neither ECW nor SMW was Edge. Man, he's all over the news lately.

-Sting injured his knee at a Clash of the Champions event during which he was kicked out of the Horsemen after yet another classic Ole Anderson promo. It was climbing the cage that really caused the knee injury.

-Dutch Mantel had success booking in Puerto Rico. About half of you made the snide little comment that Puerto Rico is technically a US territory. Smart-alecs.
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