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1. Everyone knows about Cyndi Lauper's contributions to the WWF in 1984, so I won't even bother asking. So let's go to WrestleMania 3, which took place in the heaviest of all metal strongholds: Detroit, MI. What shock rock legend accompanied Jake Roberts to the ring for his match against the HonkyTonk Man?

2. It's especially funny when wrestlers try their hand at rocking. What female wrestler gave her own special rendition of the National Anthem at WrestleMania 5?

3. WCW tried getting in the game with the music thing too. At WrestleWar '89 in Nashville, what band performed live?

4. Megadeth performed live on WCW Nitro in 1999 with their new song, "Crush 'Em." For what main event wrestler did that song eventually become the entrance music for?

5. By far the best moment in rock 'n wrestling history was the killer performance Motley Crue (who sold out MSG in minutes last month) put on at a WWF Raw show in October of 1998. Some in the audience thought the crowd was booing, but my reliable sources at the show say they were actually chanting, "Crue, Crue!" DX joined the Crue onstage for the most widely viewed rendition of "Wildside" ever performed. What WWE wrestler was this whole gig designed to debut and get over in the first place?

6. Chris Jericho is an old-school metalhead with true rock n roll blood running through his body. Jericho's backing band in Fozzy is made up of members of what full-time band?

7. Paul Heyman used to air popular rock music on the early ECW TV shows. What song and band defined the opening montage of the ECW TV show in the mid 90s? (not Harry and the Slashtones)

8. What punk band did several WCW angles in the late 90s with Vampiro?
-Alice Cooper accompanied Jake Roberts to the ring at WM3. Damn WWE went and spoiled this answer for me last Monday night when their aired a clip of that very entrance, Cooper and all. By the way, Alice rules.

-Rockin Robin sang the national anthem at WM5.

-At WrestleWar '89, the Oakridge Boys performed live. In my opinion, that is one of the greatest PPV's of all-time. Just a great night, great crowd, in an historic wrestling city. 7th grade was so much fun, as was '89 in general. Sigh.....

-Megadeth performed "Crush 'Em" for Bill Goldberg.

-Motley Crue sang on Raw, which doubled as the debut of Test. And no, he wasn't really a bodyguard for the band.

-Fozzy's back-up band is made up of members from the band Stuck Mojo.

-ECW's opening theme in the mid 90s was "Thunderkiss '65" by White Zombie. I also accepted Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" which was used in the opening seconds of the theme. You had to have been a hardcore tape trader back in the day to get this correct.

-The Misfits did several angles with Vampiro in WCW.
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