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1. Raw debuted in 1993 as a much-needed shot in the arm to the WWF. In what venue did Raw emanate from during its first several weeks on the air?

2. Just like Nitro had its resident bad broadcaster in Steve McMichael, Raw too had one. He was terrible in that he cracked jokes about WWF's top heels and stole all their heat. Who was that guy, who also doubles as a writer for Don Imus?

3. One of the best matches in the early years of Raw was Shawn Michaels' impromptu match with someone he knew very well. He took off his hood and revealed himself to a huge crowd pop, and then beat Shawn for the IC title. Who was this man?

4. Gorrilla Monsoon's most famous Raw appearance was as WWF commissioner. After an unpopular decision, Monsoon was squashed to near death by one of the largest world champions in wrestling history. Who brutally attacked Monsoon in this famous angle?

5. When Jim Cornette was mainly writing the TV, there was a big NWA invasion angle in '97 that largely flopped because the modern day WWF fans were clueless about wrestling history. Well, that was part of it. The other part was that the Rock n Roll Express were badly out of shape, and the other choices of talent were, well, questionable. Who made up the "New" Midnight Express?

6. Another classic Cornette moment, which was actually very idiotic but entertaining nonetheless, was when he went on a taped tirade against WCW and how Nash satirized the Horsemen. All that did was admit everyone was watching Nitro and no one was watching Raw, which was true. Cornette went on another tirade after Pillman died, this time targeting a well-known WWF critic in New York City. What newspaper journalist was the target of Cornette's tongue-lashing?

7. The big turning point for Raw (and WWF in general) was the legendary Austin-Tyson angle. Tyson's involvement was pricey, but well worth it, as it helped catapult Austin to greatness. Weeks later, Tyson and Shawn Michaels almost got into it in the ring. But they didn't fight. How did that Michaels-Tyson "match" end?

8. After the '94 Rumble, the WWF was left with 2 guys who both claimed they won and deserved a title shot at WrestleMania X at MSG. In order to pacify them, a coin toss was held live on Raw to determine who would get a bye at WrestleMania. At the time, WWF was hoping for a record 4.0 rating for the coin toss, which was so outrageous and shows just how bad things were. Which 2 wrestlers am I talking about?

9. Ric Flair was still on top during the early Raw days. WCW was calling him back and wanted him to return at SuperBrawl '93 (which he did). In return for getting a contract release, Flair had to lose a loser-leaves-WWF match live on Raw. In what was a very good match, Flair showed he was a true pro by really hussling, unlike most others who cry and whine when asked to job on their way out. Whom did Flair lose that match to?

10. One of the most famous Raw's in history was the tribute show following the death of Owen Hart. While some thought it was tasteless, I thoroughly enjoyed that show. The last guy to pay tribute to Owen was his real-life enemy, Steve Austin. Just before the show went off the air, how did Austin show his respect to Owen?

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-The very first Raw was held at the Manhattan Center in NYC.

-The bad WWF commentator was Rob Bartlett

-The guy who beat HBK for the IC title in an impromptu match was new WWE firee Marty Jannetty. That was a **** match, by the way.

-Gorilla Monsoon was brutally attached by Vader.

-The "New" Midnight Express in WWF was made up of Bob Holly and Bart Gunn.

-Phil Muschnick was the journalist whom Jim Cornette went off on.

-The Michaels-Tyson "match" ended when they pulled of Tyson's shirt to reveal a "DX" shirt. You know, one of those swerves to make you think he was partial to one side, ala Jesse Ventura at SummerSlam '88. Well, you can't say that Tyson angle didn't work.

-Bret Hart and Lex Luger did the coin toss deal on Raw, following the controversy at Rumble '94.

-Ric Flair lost to Curt Hennig on Raw in January of 1993, which was his final WWF TV match until he came back after WCW folded.

-Steve Austin honored Owen Hart by opening a beer can and toasting him.
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