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1. Sean Waltman was one of the first "small" people in this country to get a cruiserweight push. What major TV promotion did Waltman debut with on ESPN, and what was his ring name back then?

2. He was never a major name, but this muscular death-metal dude is one of the few cruiserweights to make a splash in ECW, WCW, WWE, and NWA TNA. Who is he? (Hint: He and Waltman were frequent opponents on the indie scene before both made it big.)

3. The unquestioned master of cruiserweights was the original Tiger Mask. In 1981, he and Dynamite Kid set the standard for in-ring action. Only you hardcores will get this, but name the first 3 wrestlers to be marketed as Tiger Mask (Hint: Each guy had his first name initial as the same as his last name initial. For example, HH for Hulk Hogan and BB for Bastion Booger.)

4. What a year Jushin Liger had in 1991. After a string of hot matches in New Japan, he toured WCW and gave nice X-mas presents to everyone when he and Brian Pillman had killer house show matches in December that were the best matches this country had seen in years. Most people think his first WCW PPV was that incredible match with Pillman at SuperBrawl '92, but it was actually Starrcade '91 in the BattleBowl: The Lethal Lottery. The reason most people forgot it is that Liger was wasted in a useless match with people who had a fraction of his talent. What wrestler, who is actually a legend in many circles today, teamed with Liger that night at Starrcade?

5. WCW also aired a match between Jushin Liger and Chris Benoit in 1991 on their Saturday TBS show (but was taped in Japan). Chris Benoit had a stint in WCW in '92-'93 that saw him wasted in the prelims. And you people wonder why Dusty Rhodes sucks as a booker? Benoit's debut in WCW was on a live Clash of the Champions in Milwaukee in early '93 (technically he debuted in the NWA tag title tourney at the Clash in '92, but that was a 1-time appearance with Beef Wellington and not a full-time gig). His work was so good that, even though he was supposed to be a heel, the smart fans in the front rows gave him a standing ovation. His opponent that night was someone else almost as talented as Benoit, and equally as wasted in the prelims. Who wrestled that great match with Benoit that night?

6. Which of the following was NOT a contender in the WCW cruiserweight division?
A. Jushin Liger
B. Ultimo Dragon
C. Magnum Tokyo
D. Psicosis
E. Great Sasuke
F. Brad Armstrong
G. Scotty Flamingo aka Raven
H. Dean Malenko

7. Speaking of Ultimo Dragon, what ring name was his ring name before he was Ultimo Dragon?

8. Also a contender for the cruiserweight title, this guy gave Brian Pillman a Hell of a match at WrestleWar '92. He was also voted "WCW's Sexiest Wrestler" by WCW in 1991 (it was Ric Flair's wife's idea, but no one is supposed to know that). Who am I talking about?

9. In New Japan, Chris Benoit was known as the Pegasus Kid. Then he was renamed to Wild Pegasus. When Eddy Guerrero was in New Japan, what was his ring name?

10. Owen Hart was yet another quality opponent for Jushin Liger in New Japan. Owen finally graduated to main event status in the WWF in the early 90s. At what PPV event did Owen officially turn on brother Bret (after which he gave a fairly poor promo ("I kicked your leg from under your leg") that made management want to give him a manager like Cornette)?
-Sean Waltman wrestled as the Lightning Kid for the Global Wrestling Federation. I also accepted it if you said PWA, even though it was never on ESPN.

-Jerry Lynn was the guy who competed for WWE, WCW, TNA, and ECW.

-The first 3 Tiger Masks were Satoru Sayama, Mitsuharu Misawa, and Koji Kanemoto

-Jushin Liger's tag partner at Starrcade '91 was strongman legend Bill Kazmaeir

-Chris Benoit's opponent on his first ever WCW match (techincally 2nd) was Brad Armstrong on a live Clash of Champions

-From the list, only Great Sasuke never competed in WCW's cruiserweight division

-Great Sasuke wrestled as Yoshihiro Asai

-Brian Pillman wrestled Tom Zenk at WrestleWar '92

-Eddy Guerrer wrestled as Black Tiger in Japan

-Lex Luger and Bret Hart were dual winners at Royal Rumble '94
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