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1. The infamous Gobbledy Gooker was a disaster and totally killed the live crowd. At the Survivor Series in 1990, this guy in a turkey costume danced with Gene Okerlund in one of the all-time bombs in wrestling history. Who was under that Gooker costume and lost his self-dignity that night?

2. A super-talented guy by the name of Brad Armstrong will go down as the biggest waste of talent this business ever knew. Razor-sharp quickness, excellent execution, a great look, family history, good size and physique, and incredible athletic ability... this guy had it all (except a good promo). But with Dusty Rhodes in charge (and we all know his eye for talent), there was no way this guy was getting a push. The only thing he can lay claim to, and this is actually pretty significant, is that he once got a clean win over Ric Flair at a house show in the 80's. But for the most part, Brad was a magnet for bad gimmicks his whole career. Name 3 of them.

3. The world's sweatiest human, Mike Rotunda, is someone else who has been saddled with bad gimmicks. He was at his best as a Syracuse jock with Rick Steiner and Kevin Sullivan, so of course it didn't last long. Since he has natural anti-charisma, bookers always tried to give him a fresh character. First there was Michael Wallstreet, and then Irwin R. Schyster (IRS). When IRS teamed with Ted DiBiase in WWF in 1992, what was their team called?

4. Kevin Nash is infamous for his horrendous appearance on a live Clash of the Champions show in WCW in 1990. That match contained spots that were so blown, the announcers wouldn't even acknowledge them. What was the name of the tag team Kevin Nash was a part of that unforgettable night?

5. Three words: Doink the Clown. The only thing I can say about Doink is, it could've been a lot worse. Doink was played by Matt Borne, another guy no stranger to bad gimmicks. What was Matt Borne's ring name in WCW right before he joined WWF?

6. After the Doink gig ran its course, Matt Borne headed to ECW for a brief stint there in 1994. Fans loved how 911 choke-slammed him, because he represented all the bad gimmicks in WWF/WCW. What was Borne's ring name when he wrestled in ECW, after shedding the Doink garb?

7. Which of the following bad-gimmick wrestlers is still in WWE today behind the scenes? (Noticed I said "behind the scenes," so don't choose Mabel).
A. Bastion Booger
B. Repo Man
C. Damien Demento
D. Papa Shango
E. M.O.M. (Mo, Mabel, & Oscar)
F. Skinner

8. Ahh... Skinner. Most people don't know of his extremely successful former life. What tag team is Skinner (aka Steve Keirn) famous for, and who was his partner?

9. Poor Owen Hart. No promoter outside of Japan bothered to push him on talent alone. For some reason, Vince always thought he needed a gimmick. King of Harts, Blue Blazer, the New Foundation, etc. But by far the lowlight was a mid-card tag team with Koko B. Ware; whose costume designers should've been arrested by the fashion police. What was the name of that tag team?

10. And finally, in my opinion the worst gimmick of all-time was at the hands of booker Ole Anderson. At a live Clash of the Champions in 1993, Fred Ottman aka Tugboat aka Typhoon debuted in WCW as the Shock Master. How did Ottman embarrass and make a complete fool of himself in his debut that night?
-The Gobbledy Gooker was Hector Guerrero.

-Brad Armstrong's bad gimmicks were Buzzkill, Arachnaman, Candyman, and Badstreet. There might be a couple others. Some of you said Lazertron, but that was Hector Guerrero as well (poor Hector).

-Mike Rotunda and Ted DiBiase were called Money Inc.

-Kevin Nash's wrestled as one half of the infamous Master Blasters.

-Matt Borne was called Big Josh in WCW.

-Matt Borne was called Borne Again in ECW. Most of you missed this, understandably so.

-Of the bad gimmicks listed, Skinner works behind the scenes at WWE today.

-Speaking of Skinner, he's Steve Keirn, and he formed the Fabulous Ones with Stan Lane.

-Owen Hart and Koko Ware were known as High Energy.

-Shock Master debuted in WCW by bursting through the set of Flair For the Gold, tripping, losing his helmet, and then putting it back on as everyone laughed in embarrassment. Poor Fred. That would make a great avatar.
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