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1. The first really great match of the modern WWF era was the Steamboat-Savage classic from WrestleMania 3. It had near falls, great heat, innovative moves, and a record-breaking crowd. Even George Steele couldn't ruin that match. What was the only foreign object used in that match?

2. Steamboat's IC title reign was short lived, and before we knew it, he was in the NWA. We'll examine each of the 3 classic 1989 Flair-Steamboat matches separately, starting with the Chi-Town Rumble. The best part about that PPV was watching Dave Meltzer's reactions in the front row to all the below average workers like Lex Luger. Flair lost the title that night, as Steamboat celebrated in the ring with his wife and kid. But Flair's wife was nowhere to be found. In fact, how exactly did Slick Ric make his elaborate ring entrance that night?

3. The second big match in that series was their Clash of the Champions 2/3 falls match, which went nearly 60 minutes and aired head-to-head with WrestleMania 5. WM5 was in Atlantic City, NJ. What city and state was the Clash match in?

4. And the third of course was the WrestleWar '89 match, which is my all-time favorite match I've ever seen. Everything clicked that night, it was just one of those moments. What masters those two were. The NWA finished off that feud and led to another feud with Terry Funk, based on his sneak attack after the match. After Jim Ross interviewed a sweaty, victorious Flair in the ring, Funk came in to congratulate Flair. Funk then made a friendly challenge, but Flair said he wasn't in the top 10 and would have to get in line. According to Flair, what movie star was Funk busy hanging out with in Hollywood?

5. The blowoff to the Flair-Funk feud was their brilliant "I Quit" match at the Clash of the Champions 9, in Troy, NY. What little known stipulation about that match was Funk legitimately not informed about until the very end, which he was none too happy to discover?

6. Sting got critical acclaim for his trio of excellent matches with Big Van Vader in the early 90s. The first was his shocking **** title loss to Vader at the Great American Bash '92. Then, they had a ****1/2 match at Starrcade '92 for the King of Cable. Finally there was a bloody, killer ****1/4 main event at SuperBrawl '93. Dubbed the "White Castle of Fear," what type of match was the SuperBrawl match? (ie, First Blood, Lumberjack, steel cage, etc.)

7. Jushin Liger and Brian Pilllman had one of the best opening matches in history at SuperBrawl '92 in Milwaukee. How did famed color commentator Jesse Ventura make his ring entrance that night?

8. Name the two PPV events (and years) where Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall had their amazing ladder matches against each other.

9. In January of 1994, there was a monumental 3-way match in ECW that put the promotion on the map. It was followed by a press conference that was even more memorable than the match itself. Who were the 3 participants in that match?

10. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart became real-life enemies, but their in-ring feud gave us some great matches. Before HBK was a headliner, he and Bret main evented a PPV in 1992 for the WWF title. It was a financial failure, but the match was terrific. What PPV event did they headline that year?
-The foreign object used in the Steamboat-Savage match was the ring bell.

-At Chi-Town Rumble '89, Flair entered the ring accompanied by dozens of women and blaring trumpets.

-Clash of the Champions VI was in New Orleans, LA.

-After WrestleWar '89, Flair told judge Terry Funk that he was busy out in Hollywood hanging out with Sylvester Stallone.

-The Flair-Funk "I Quit" match was also Funk's "I quit WCW" match. Funk did not legitimately know about that stipulation.

-At SuperBrawl '93, Sting fought Vader in a strap match.

-Jesse Ventura came down the ring on a Harley Davidson at SuperBrawl '92.

-Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon had ladder matches at WrestleMania X (1994) and SummerSlam '95.

-Terry Funk, Sabu, and Shane Douglas were in the monumental 3-way dance in ECW in 1994.

-Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels headlined Survivor Series '92.
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