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1. One of the most tasteless angles in history was Vince McMahon's blatant exploitation of the Persian Gulf war in 1990 and 1991. It went so far that Sgt. Slaughter went on TV and burned the American flag. At WrestleMania 7, Hulk Hogan represented "America" and won the WWF title for all Americans... or so the story went. Whom did Sgt. Slaughter defeat to win the WWF title in the first place, and who helped him win it?

2. The same-sex wedding between Billy & Chuck wasn't necessarily "wrong," but the angle's bait-and-switch attitude sure was. WWE is no strangers to weddings, though. What hefty WWF grappler had an on-air wedding on the first ever NBC Saturday Night's Main Event in 1985?

3. The angle detailing the love affair of Mark Henry and Mae Young was just plain WRONG! And what a silly ending too. What did Mae Young eventually give "birth" to live on Raw?

4. The death of Bruiser Brody will go down as wrestling's most infamous murder. Who committed this heinous crime?

5. WWF got in some hot water when Steve Austin pointed a gun to Vince McMahon's head in 1998 and threatened to shoot, as the crowd roared in approval. What happened when Austin pulled the trigger?

6. Lots of critics complained when WWF interviewed Brian Pillman's widow, Melanie, right after Brian died in his hotel room. They not only did the interview so soon after the death, but they hyped it regularly throughout the show. Name two guys Brian tag teamed with regularly throughout his career.

7. Perhaps one of the worst decisions Vince McMahon ever made was not canceling the PPV after Owen Hart died. In what city did the tragic Owen hart death occur?

8. Larry Zbysko got some heat when someone he was feuding with suddenly passed away from a drug overdose. Larry went on Nitro thereafter and said that he had some comments on that person, but in respect for his family, he wouldn't say them. Some took it as Larry not dropping a feud for storyline reasons, which shouldn't have mattered because jeez, the guy just died. What WCW mid-carder was Larry feuding with at the time?

9. Jim Ross's Bells Palsy disease was not only openly mocked in WCW, but also in WWF while Ross was still there. What immoral jack-ass played this role and mocked JR's disease?

10. In 1995, America was deeply engulfed in the case and trial of OJ Simpson. What wrestler tastelessly went on WCW television with a black glove and threatened everyone that we all know what people in black gloves are capable of?
-Sgt. Slaughter beat Ultimate Warrior for the WWF title at Royal Rumble '91, with help from Randy Savage.

-The first WWF wedding was with Uncle Elmer in 1985 on NBC.

-Mae Young gave birth to a hand.

-The suspect in Bruiser Brody's murder was Jose "Invader I" Gonzales.

-When Austin pulled the trigger on McMahon, a flag popped out with the word "BANG!" on it. Vince also peed his pants.

-Brian Pillman teamed with Tom Zenk, Steve Austin, Bruce Hart... oh God I'm drawing a blank. It's early Monday morning. The people who got this one correct named those 2 guys, but there are a couple others.

-Owen Hart died in Kansas City.

-Larry Zbysko was feuding with Louis Spiccoli.

-Ed Ferrara mocked Jim Ross on Nitro. Jim Cornette made sure Ed paid for that one.

-Hulk Hogan compared himself to OJ on Nitro in 1995, during his very brief heel turn tease. This is the one most of you got incorrect.
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