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1. Cyndi Lauper is credited with playing a huge role in garnering lots of publicity that helped make WrestleMania 1 a success, and Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, and Capt. Lou Albano household names. What wrestler did Lauper manage during her initial WWF stint?

2. Using the same formula, WWF used Mike Tyson as a special "outside" enforcer in the main event at WrestleMania 14, which pitted Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels. Which of the following is true:
A. Tyson entered the match a face, and left the match a heel
B. Tyson entered the match a face, and left the match a face
C. Tyson entered the match a heel, and left the match a face
D. Tyson entered the match a heel, and left the match a heel

3. Speaking of Tyson, WWF tried to sign him as a guest referee back in 1990 for an NBC Main Event program, but decided against it. Who did they go with instead, and why?

4. Jay Leno cracked jokes about how phony wrestling was all the time, and what losers celebrities were who got involved in it. But sure enough, there was Leno main eventing WCW Road Wild against Hogan & Bischoff in 1998. What a damn phony Jay is. On the "Tonight Show," Leno introduced the 2 guys who trained him for the match, and called them, "Chris & Erik." But Chris & Erik are no strangers to hardcore wrestling fans, especially in 1990s WCW. What are Chris & Erik's last names? (Hint: they both have long, dark hair)

5. Which of these celebrities has NEVER been to a WrestleMania?
A. Bob Uecker
B. Mary Hart
C. Alice Cooper
D. Ozzy Osbourne
E. Liberace
F. Gene Simmons
G. Salt N' Peppa
H. Drowning Pool
I. Aretha Franklin
J. Ray Charles
K. Mr. T
L. Mike Tyson
M. Pete Rose
N. Donald Trump
O. Morton Downey Jr.

6. Which of these pro athletes has NOT ever done a wrestling angle or TV appearance?
A. Kevin Greene
B. Lawrence Taylor
C. Dennis Rodman
D. Karl Malone
E. Reggie White
F. Magic Johnson
G. James "Buster" Douglas
H. Lennox Lewis
I. Mike Tyson
J. Shaquille O'neal
K. Steve McMichael
L. William "Refrigerator" Perry

7. Former Chicago Bears and Stanford Cardinals player Brad Muster was a big NWA fan. Namely, he was a huge fan of one wrestler in particular, and always wore his shirt under his jersey. He was even front row at Chi-Town Rumble '89 sitting right next to his good friend Dave Meltzer. What wrestler did Muster idolize?

8. Rapper Master P was involved in a very forgettable angle in WCW in 1999 that flopped big-time. Curt Hennig did his best to make it entertaining, by coming up with a humorous song that all his "rednecks" could relate to. What was the name of Hennig's song?

9. Deceased Kid Rock sidekick Joe C. did some backstage skits on the Raw episode Kid Rock performed on. He even told 2 wrestlers to "Go F#&$ yourselves!" What 2 guys did Joe C. make that remark to?

10. Finally, how did the WrestleMania 5 skit between Roddy Piper and Morton Downey Jr end?
-Lauper managed Wendy Richter.

-Tyson entered the match a heel, and left the match a face.

-WWF signed James "Buster" Douglas in 1990 for NBC Main Event, because he had just knocked out Mike Tyson in the biggest upset in boxing history.

-Chris Kanyon and Erik Watts trained Jay Leno.

-Gene Simmons never appeared at a WrestleMania (but his tongue may have).

-Magic Johnson has never done a wrestling appearance.

-Brad Muster idolized Ric Flair.

-Curt Hennig wrote "Rap is Crap," or "I Hate Rap" was also accepted.

-Joe C. made fun of Edge and Christian.

-Roddy Piper sprayed Morton Downey Jr with a fire extinguisher.
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