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1. Once known as Sterling Golden, Terry Bollea went on to become the greatest drawing card in wrestling history as Hulk Hogan. What name was Hogan called for his cameo in Rocky III?

2. Taking it one step further... what was Hogan's ring name in his own movie, "No Holds Barred?"

3. Everyone remembers HHH in WCW as Jean Paul Levesque. But before that, he was called something else. What was he called?

4. Ahh, so many Rock N Roll Express ripoffs. Even the Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) copied them. What were the Rockers called during their AWA days?

5. You'd have to have read Mick Foley's book to get this one. What ring name did Vince McMahon originally have in mind for Foley in the WWF in the mid 90s?

6. Steve Austin was Stone Cold in the WWF, Stunning in WCW, and what in ECW?

7. Sycho Sid, Sid Justice, and Sid Vicious. Before Sid Eudy was Sid anything, he was known as what?

8. Name 3 ring names Scott Levy used in his career. If you don't know who Scott Levy is, then you probably won't get this question right anyway.

9. You'd have to have read Bobby Heenan's book to get this one. Heenan came up with the ring name for this guy when he first came to the WWF. He's a feisty bump-taker, and is currently headlining in NWA TNA. Heenan's suggestion was used, although this wrestler hasn't used that ring name in several years. You also may have seen this man having sex, believe it or not. Who is he?

10. And finally, what ring name did Barry Windham use in the WWF when he briefly wrestled there in 1989?
-Hogan was "Thunderlips" in Rocky III.

-Hogan was "Rip" in No Holds Barred.

-HHH was Terra Ryzin, or however it's spelled, in WCW. He was also missing about 100 lbs of muscle back then. And hey, according to him, all you have to do is eat more protein and work out to get a physique like his.

-Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty were known as the Midnight Rockers in the AWA. I wonder if Verne Gagne could name one rock song or rock band that existed after 1970?

-Vince wanted to name Mick Foley "Mason the Mutilator." What a disaster.

-Steve Austin was "Superstar" Steve Austin in ECW. Go back and watch his promos from ECW; you'll get goosebumps.

-Sid Eudy was Lord Humongous.

-Scott Levy has used the names Raven, Scotty the Body, Scotty Flamingo, and Johnny Polo. I'm sure there were many others I can't remember.

- The question was what wrestler did Bobby Heenan name; a wrestler who is currently a TNA wrestler. The answer is Sean Waltman, whom Heenan suggested be named the 1-2-3 Kid. However, Waltman may no longer be a TNA wrestler.

-In 1989, Barry Windham was given the gimmick the Widowmaker. See, WWF was screwing up WCW wrestlers long before the invasion angle. At least they didn't screw up Tully & Arn, though they looked badly out of place in WWF.
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