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1. Just before he really hit it big, Steve Austin was nearly paralyzed after Owen Hart gave him a stiff piledriver during a PPV match. On which PPV event did this happen?

2. Ric Flair deserves tons of credit for coming back from a broken back and going on to become possibly the best wrestler in history. Name one person who was also on that plane flight with Ric when it crashed in the 70s.

3. Poor HHH tore his quad in 2001in San Jose. In what arena did HHH make his grand return in 2002 (with lots of fresh, brand new muscle he got by "eating more protein")?

4. What brief (very brief) WWF headliner "broke" Andre the Giant's ankle in 1981? You younger fans may have to Google this one.

5. Of the 3 big bumps Mick Foley took in his Hell in a Cell match with the Undertaker in 1998, which was unplanned? To refresh your memory, the bumps were: falling off the top of the cage, falling through the cage onto the mat, and falling into thumbtacks.

6. Shawn Michaels suffered his career-ending injury during a PPV match in San Jose, CA. Who was his opponent in that match?

7. Eric Bischoff and WCW got some heat when they showed replays of what wrestler breaking his leg in the ring in 2001? To this day I still haven't seen it, for fear of being grossed out.

8. Which wrestler has NOT had neck surgery?
A. Rhyno
B. Lita
C. Chris Benoit
D. Kurt Angle
E. Gene Snitsky
E. Edge
F. Steve Austin

9. How did Brian Pillman break his ankle in the late 90s, in an injury he never quite healed from before his untimely passing in 1997?

10. Lots of people were questioning how long Scott Steiner would last on the rough and tumble WWE road schedule. Let's go back to 1991. What injury did Scott suffer that kept him out of the ring for months, while brother Rick headlined house shows against then-WCW champ (and best friend) Lex Luger?
-Steve Austin broke his neck at SummerSlam '97.

-On the plane with Ric Flair on the plane crash were Johnny Valentine, Bob Bruggers, David Crockett, and Tim Woods.

-HHH made his 2002 return at Madison Square Garden.

-Killer Khan "broke" Andre the Giant's ankle.

-The unplanned bump was Mick Foley falling through the cage at Hell in a Cell '98.

-Michaels injured his back wrestling the Undertaker in a Casket match.

-Sid Vicious broke his leg on a live WCW PPV.

-Gene Snitsky has not had neck surgery.

-Pillman broke his ankle in a humvee car accident.

-Scott Steiner tore his bicep in 1991.
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