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1. True or False: The debut episode of Nitro went head-to-head with Raw.

2. For the first head-to-head week of Raw vs. Nitro, which program got higher ratings?

3. By the Fall of 1996, Nitro was decidedly beating Raw every week. WWF's response was to bring in Rick Bogner and Glen "Kane before he was Kane" Jacobs, as part of an elaborate angle headed by Jim Ross. What were those two men's roles in this embarrassing WWF angle?

4. Everyone hates to admit it, but one of the major reasons WCW grew to great heights was the unexpected and shocking heel turn of Hulk Hogan. Hogan turned heel and formed the nWo on which WCW PPV?

5. When WWF gets insecure, they do dumb, embarrassing things (as you can see by these past few weeks). Which brings us to the Billionaire Ted skits. In these skits, WWF mocked WCW for having the old, immobile Hulk Hogan as their main eventer. Let me repeat that. WWF mocked WCW for having the old, immobile Hulk Hogan as their main eventer. And who just main evented SummerSlam?? Thank you. What WWF diva at the time participated in one of these skits, playing the role of a game show hostess?

6. In 1997, Vince McMahon informed Bret Hart that he could no longer afford his expensive contract. You see, before Bret re-signed with WWF for all that money, he was the hottest free agent in wrestling. He ultimately chose WWF, and signed a contract for an obscenely lengthy time period. For how many years was Bret's new contract with WWF?

7. 1998 was the year WWF caught up and surpassed WCW. Leading the charge was Steve Austin, the guy WCW fired because he was too bland to sell merchandise. Instead, Austin went on to sell more merchandise than any wrestler in history. As Bryan Alvarez wrote in Death of WCW, "Oops." Oops is right. The episode of Raw that finally beat Nitro in the ratings (after 80+ weeks of losing) was Austin's match against whom??

8. WCW did have great success in 1998 too, as it was a year of record profits for them. Looking back, while 1998 was not WWE's best financial year, it was probably the peak of the Monday Night wars and wrestling in general. Jesse Ventura's election win was proof of that. A great victory for WCW was their high profile summer PPV, which featured which two NBA stars? (the match sucked, but the media hype around it was undeniable)

9. In 1999, WCW sank to the bottom of the pit. Kevin Nash, Dusty Rhodes, and Vince Russo booked the company into oblivion, each at different intervals. Meanwhile, WWF was hotter than they had ever been. Frustrated beyond belief, the Radicalz (Guerrero, Malenko, Benoit, and Saturn) requested and received their release from WCW. When they debuted in WWF, which member of the Radicalz was immediately injured for real?

10. Finally, in 2000, the WWF was at their peak. They coasted for most of the year, setting record after record. And their product was largely awesome, having shed the adult content and focusing on the wrestling and booking. It was the year of HHH, who stepped up to the plate and established himself as a major player. In WCW, it was more of the same. Eric Bischoff returned, and the tandem of Bischoff and Russo did make for one exciting week of WCW TV. During this brief time of the Bischoff/Russo era, Hulk Hogan began a feud with what WCW mid-carder?
-False. Nitro did NOT go head-to-head with Raw in its first week, as Raw was pre-empted. Speaking of which, if Spike can take advantage of Raw's pre-emptions on USA for tennis and dog shows, TNA stands to benefit majorly.

-On Nitro's second episode, head-to-head with Raw, they in fact beat Raw in the ratings.

-Rick Bogner and Glen Jacobs were brought in to play the "fake" Diesel and Razor Ramon. What a disaster that was.

-Hogan turned heel at Bash of the Beach '96.

-That was WWF diva Sunny in those Billionaire Ted skits.

-Bret signed a deal with WWF for 20 years. And he barely lasted 2 of them.

-Austin's "match" against Vince McMahon was the Raw show which finally led to Raw beating Nitro.

-The NBA stars who wrestled on that WCW PPV were Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone.

-Eddy Guerrero was the Radical who was injured legit when the Radicalz jumped to WWF. He did a frog splash and badly messed up his elbow. Even back then, WWF was screwing up guys' pushes because they did not take advantage of those four guys. Some things never change.

-Hogan feuded with WCW mid-carder Billy Kidman. If I were Kidman, I'd lose weight, get my Flock look back, and join TNA's X division.
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