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1. When Ric Flair was fired by WCW, he took the big gold belt with him to the WWF. Oops. It didn't take long before WCW took legal action, and they were successful. First, WWF blurred out the image of the WCW belt on their broadcasts. After WCW got the belt back, WWF still blurred the belt. Say what, Prof? Yes, WWF then used a DIFFERENT belt and pretended it was the WCW belt, which no one at home knew because it was still blurred out. In fact, which belt did Flair use as his "WCW" belt that would get blurred out?

2. There is a reason WWF is called WWE today: Vince McMahon is a stubborn, hard-headed control freak who likes to live by his own rules. And that's why he has to pay his production crew overtime to edit out all those old logos. Boy, Vince showed them, huh? The initials "WWF" belong to someone else today. In fact, what does WWF stand for today? Hint: It's not World Wrestling Federation (duh).

3. Brock Lesnar currently has a lawsuit out against WWE. What hurts his case, however, is that he appeared for which foreign promotion last year?

4. Let's play Word Association. The word is Lewmar. Ever hear of them? They were a company involved in the Owen Hart death lawsuit. What was their role?

5. Missy Hyatt filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against WCW after she was fired in 1993/1994. Laugh all you want, but I don't think any of us would doubt Missy was legitimately harassed by many in the company. Why was Missy fired from WCW in the first place?

6. Speaking of sexual harassment, one former WWE performer filed a lawsuit against the company for that very reason. No one believed her, though. For one, she appeared to be after whatever money WWE might give her to quietly settle the suit. While most would term her a Chyna rip-off, the truth was that she was well known on the Northeastern bodybuilding scene years before there was ever a Chyna, and made quite a name for herself on national radio. What muscular woman filed, and lost, this sexual harassment lawsuit against WWE a couple of years ago?

7. Sonny Ono, along with a bunch of WCW guys you've never heard of, filed and won a big case against Time Warner after WCW went belly up. Word on the street is they got lucky (and very rich) and benefited from Time Warner wanting to avoid a public relations nightmare. While they all got rich, scores of other WCW guys who also never got pushes ended up with zilch. Is that fair? No. Is life fair? No. What did Sonny Ono and his buddies sue Time Warner for?

8. This wouldn't be a quiz on lawsuits without mentioning the infamous Vince McMahon steroid trial of 1994. True or False: In the indictments against McMahon, the government wanted to seize WWE's corporate headquarters (called "Titan Towers" at the time).

9. Jesse Ventura woke up the sleeping giant when he sued WWE many years ago over royalties he never received. Did Jesse win or lose this case?

10. Here's a very recent and very easy question to round out the quiz. WWE would've had a major case on their hands had Blue Meanie decided to sue them over the JBL incident at ECW One Night Stand. What did WWE do to appease Meanie, and thus prevent future legal action?
-After WWE lost the court case with WCW, Flair wore the old WWE tag team belt to the ring, which WWE blurred out and pretended it was the old NWA/WCW belt.

-WWF today stands for World Wildlife Fund.

-Brock Lesnar appeared for New Japan this year in a non-wrestling role. I was incorrect in saying it was last year. Speaking of Lesnar, did that court case with WWE end up a major surprise or what?

-Lewmar was the company that manufactured the apparatus Owen Hart used to descend from the ceiling as the Blue Blazer.

-Missy was fired from WCW for going over Eric Bischoff's head when she had a complaint about sexual harassment. You know, when her boob popped out of her top during the Nasty Boys match and the photo was blown up for the whole office to see? If that had happened here in the Bay Area, Missy would be about $20 million richer right now.

-The woman wrestler who sued WWE for sexual harassment was Nicole Bass. The same Nicole Bass who agreed to do a Pick My Brain interview with us, and then backed out once she saw the questions. Remind me to do a "Mock My Brain" with her sometime soon.

-Sonny Onoo sued Turner for racial discrimination. After hearing how much money he won, I'm thinking of suing them too, and I never even worked there.

-True, the government did want to seize WWE's Titan Towers. As incompetent as the government can be sometimes, I think they'd do a better job of writing WWE TV than WWE currently does now.

-Jesse won his case against WWE, proving everybody wrong and winning $1 million. I wonder if Vince McMahon "choked on that million."

-To appease Blue Meanie, WWE brought him in and put him over JBL in very unconvincing fashion. Meanie fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. Then he was discarded. Then he complained about getting no phone calls returned, despite the fact that he never returned our own emails to him. If you look up "kicked to the curb" in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of Meanie and a description of his entire 2005 WWE run.
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