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1. History was made when Raw debuted on the USA network. Name the month and year of this debut.

2. History was made again when Nitro debuted on TNT. Name the month and year of this debut.

3. The Spring of 2001 was a horrible time in life. WCW folded, ECW folded, Jackie Martling quit Stern, Austin turned heel, WCW "invaded" WWE in a huge disaster, and the red hot economy went crash, bang, boom. The final Nitro was mesmerizing, as Vince McMahon was on WCW and shocked the nation. It's a sight nobody reading this will ever forget. On that final Nitro, what was the main event?

4. One of the first television specials on cable was the Royal Rumble. It was a fun show, certainly better than the NWA Bunkhouse Stampede Dusty had booked that same night on PPV. At the Rumble, how did Dino Bravo "break" the world bench press record?

5. The NWA struck back in March of 1988, with a Clash of the Champions debut special that will go down as one of the best shows of the Crockett era. As Meltzer wrote that week, "Jim Crockett kicked Vince McMahon's ass," referring to the Clash show going head to head with WrestleMania 4. In the main event, Flair drew newcomer Sting in some of the best 45 minutes of our lives. How did this not make the Flair DVD? Just a sensational match. Plus, how can you NOT like a show that had Jim Cornette do a segment with Eddie Haskell? A few celebrity judges were at ringside for the Flair-Sting match. Name one of them.

6. The first time wrestling returned to prime time network television in decades was the Hogan vs. Andre match on February 5, 1988. This match was the talk of the 6th grade all week. It even made the newspaper the next day when Hogan lost the belt, which was unheard of back then. But the match I really wanted to see was Savage vs. Honkytonk Man. The finish of that match is quite notable. What happened behind the scenes with Honkytonk before his match took place? (And in hindsight, it was good for Savage's career that it turned out the way it did).

7. On the Owen Hart tribute show that aired on Raw the day following Owen's death, which of these wrestlers read a poem about Owen?

Jeff Jarrett
Mark Henry
Debra McMichael
Darren Drozdov
Mick Foley
Lanny Poffo

8. Over in WCW, months after Owen died, they aired an "Owen Hart tribute match." It was an excellent, lengthy match. What two wrestlers squared off in this very emotional match?

9. The debut of "Saturday Night's Main Event" was also a milestone in wrestling history. My friends would get angry when the announcer said, "Saturday Night Live will not be seen tonight." Seconds later, our groans would turns to cheers when the announcer continued, "Instead, stay tuned for WWF Saturday Night's Main Event!" Name one match from the first ever Saturday Night's Main Event. Come on, Google awaits you!

10. This is a fake milestone, but still notable. Just recently, WWE announced Raw was now the longest running show in TV history, or something like that. Whatever. Anyway, right after Vince made that ridiculous announcement, he then switched gears and announced the long-awaited WWE return of whom? It should still be fresh in your memories.
-Raw debuted in January of 1993. Remember the days when Superstars of Wrestling was WWF's "A" show??

-Nitro debuted in September of 1995.

-The main event on the final Nitro was Ric Flair vs. Sting. Hey isn't it amazing that Flair's body today has literally transformed from those days? Wow, he must be working out extra hard in the gym... or something. What could that something be? I should make that a quiz question.

-Dino Bravo "broke" the world bench press record when Jesse Ventura pretended to spot him, but instead helped him lift the weight. It was well done, and I miss those simple angles WWF used to do so effectively. Back then, Frenchy Marin's (Dino's manager) catch phrase, "The USA is not OK," was considered ground-breaking.

-The celebrity judges for the Flair-Sting 1988 classic were Jason Hervey, 1988 Penthouse Pet of the Year Patty Mullen, Sandy Scott, Gary Juster, and Ken "Eddie Haskell" Osmond. It was funny because you could see Hervey hitting on Mullen whenever the camera was on them. Well, it's not like you and I wouldn't have done the same thing if we were in Hervey's place.

-Honkytonk Man and his ego refused to put over Randy Savage and lose the IC title on that NBC special. And thank goodness, because Savage then went on to become WWF champ and drew record money with Hogan a year after that.

-On the Owen Hart tribute on Raw, it was Mark Henry who read the poem.

-The Owen Hart "tribute" match on Nitro was between Bret Hart and Chris Benoit.

-The matches from the first ever Saturday Night's Main Event were: Rotunda & Windham & Steamboat vs. Sheik & Volkoff & Steele, Hogan vs. Orton, Richter vs. Moolah, and JYD vs. Pete Doughtery.

-When Vince announced Raw as the longest running show, he then introduced Matt Hardy back to WWE. If nothing else, WWE proved in 2005 that they are still the masters of screwing up can't-miss angles.
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