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1. Bret Hart was in a huge bidding war in 1996, and ended up signing a 20-year contract with WWE. His announcement of this on Raw was memorable, as I'm sure you all remember. True or False: when Bret made this announcement, Vince McMahon acted like he didn't know what Bret was going to say.

2. Brock Lesnar's services were available back when WCW was still in business. Both companies wanted him for obvious reasons. He chose WWE and began training in OVW. When he came to WWE, the reason he got over so well was that SmackDown had a head writer (Paul Heyman) who knew what he was doing. Heyman even managed Lesnar. Alas, the word "manager" could not be used. After all, that's so '80s, says WWE. Instead of Heyman being called Lesnar's "manager," he was called his what? (Hint: Heyman was never referred to as a "diva," and he never posed in a bikini. Not that I wouldn't put it past WWE to actually do that).

3. WWE was expecting a huge bidding war among networks to sign Raw, the show that lost over half of its audience from its peak, thanks to the horrible booking under the watch of that self-proclaimed "bitch" (her words, not mine, but now that means we can refer her to as that, so I'm happy), Stephanie Levesque. Oops, there were no takers for Raw, except USA. You gotta love Spike for calling Vince's bluff. How long was Raw on Spike TV for? (This is not a trick question. By Spike, I mean the old TNN, too.)

4. Next year will see the end of the 10-year, $2.5 million contract WWE foolishly signed with a former Olympian back in 1996. WWE can't wait soon enough for this contract to end. It's a nice gig, making $250,000 a year for doing nothing. Wrestling companies actually bid for this guy?? He's a nice guy and all, but not worth his price tag. Whom am I talking about?

5. Mick Foley was involved in something of a bidding war last month between TNA and WWE. He ultimately chose WWE. It's hard to turn down more money, creative control, free book promotion, and financial stability and security for your family. 10 years ago this month, which American company did Mick Foley wrestle for?

6. Brian Pillman was the talk of the town for awhile in 1996, bouncing between WWE, WCW, and ECW. He got himself a nice sized contract with WWE in one of the most brilliant schemes a wrestler ever pulled off. Unfortunately, Pillman was injured shortly after his signing with WWE. How did he injure his ankle?

7. Two guys who made an absolute mint in wrestling were Rick and Scott Steiner. These brothers were making huge money long before the Monday night wars, and only continued to make even bigger money during the war. When Nitro got off the ground in its early days, who was the Steiners' babyface manager?

8. One superstar and icon from the 80s and 90s who never had a run with WWE is Sting. Sting also made a fortune in wrestling, as even the moronic Turner suits weren't dumb enough to lose him to WWE during the 90s. He got one great contract after another, and today he's wealthy. You may wonder why, then, Sting chose to wrestle for TNA. That is, unless you know the real reason. Why is/was Sting so loyal to Jerry Jarrett?

9. "Bidding war" is not the proper term to use for WCW when it went belly up. Before WWE bought WCW, Eric Bischoff announced that HE had bought WCW. It never happened, as wrestling was yanked from Time Warner's stations. What was the name of the company Bischoff convinced to buy WCW?

10. Before he became what he is today, Lex Luger was one smart cookie who amassed himself a fortune by outsmarting company after company into paying him enormous sums of money. A series of bad decisions, bad luck, and bad divorce laws in this country have all taken their toll on the Total Package. Before he joined the NWA in 1987, Luger caused a major buzz with the phrase "the next Hogan" being thrown around. In the dying days of territories, what Southeastern state did Luger make a name for himself in before he joined up with Crockett?
-True, Vince McMahon did pretend on camera he didn't really know if Bret was going to choose to stay with WWF or go to WCW. Once Bret said Yes, Vince flashed this huge dopey grin and wiped his brow. Bret then uttered those infamous words: "I'll be with the WWF forever."

-Heyman was called Lesnar's "agent."

-Raw was on Spike/TNN for 5 years.

-The Olympian who signed the 10-year contract was Mark Henry.

-Extreme Championship Wrestling

-Pillman injured his ankle in a humvee wreck.

-The Steiners' babyface manager in WCW was Ted DiBiase.

-Sting is/was loyal to Jerry Jarrett because he was the only promoter who gave him a break back when he and buddy Ultimate "Jim Hellwig" Warrior were bodybuilders looking to get a break in wrestling.

-Bischoff tried to buy WCW through a company called Fusient Media Ventures.

-Luger originally made his name in Florida.
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