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1. Vince's bodybuilding fetish led to the World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF) in 1992, a money-losing venture that pre-dated the XFL. They had their own show on USA and everything. On the show, they kept selling this supplement that apparently led to all the WBF guys getting such great physiques (snicker). They did the first ever drug-free bodybuilding PPV, you know. What was this supplement called?

2. If you're under 25, skip this question. In 1987, the WWF launched this dessert product that was to die for. Just delicious. If you were a teenager back then, you'd go to your local 7-11, buy this product, and munch on it while you played 80s wrestling video games until you ran out of quarters. The ad in the WWF Magazine showed a picture of Jimmy Hart holding this product, with the line, "WWF Superstars that even the Mouth of the South can lick." Strange use of verbs, eh? Anyway, what is this food item that was WWF selling?

3. Speaking of 1987, that was the year the WWF album "Piledriver" came out. Name 1 song from that album AND the wrestler(s) who sang it.

4. Once upon a time there was a fantasy wrestling promotion called the IWA. It was advertised in the Stanley Weston (Apter) mags, and for a small fee, you could create your own wrestler, wrestling holds, and challenge other wrestlers through the mail. It was tons of fun, and my friends and I had a blast with it. I think they still exist today. What did this IWA stand for?

5. Before the internet was a household word, there was Radio WWF. It was meant to be edgy and controversial, at least by early 90s standards. To get a buzz, WWF had one prominent superstar "shoot" on Hulk Hogan, calling him names that were taboo at the time. Oddly, this same man would "shoot" on Hogan off and on for the next 10+ years. To this day, there is still heat. Whom am I referring to?

6. WCW Slam Jam. What was it?

7. You 1980s kids will know this one. The lead babyface was MuscleMan. The lead heel was Terri-bull. They were the M.U.S.C.L.E. Things: Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere. They were tiny plastic toys, and I've got a box full of them in the garage, along with several issues of magazines I wrote in the 6th grade detailing this fantasy promotion of mine that I got to "book." The MUSCLE Thing toys were what color?

8. True or False: There was once a product put out by the WWF called the Hulkamania Workout Set.

9. The WWF (wisely) never marketed the cologne of "The Model" Rick Martel. What was Martel's cologne called?

10. WWE writer Michael Seitz was a true pioneer in mixing music and wrestling when he wrestled as Michael Hayes in the legendary Fabulous Freebirds. They had an album, with the 'hit' single "Badstreet USA." I loved that song. According to the lyrics, what city and state was Badstreet located in? Hint: It's in the chorus.
-The WBF supplement was Icopro. I always find it funny when you watch wrestling shows like ECW and TNA (on FSN) and the only commercials are for products put out by the wrestling promotion. That's a sign that advertisers want nothing to do with you. So guess what all the WBF commercials were for? Icopro.

-The WWF dessert product was ice cream bars. I'm told they still sell them in ice cream trucks today. I just hope they're new and haven't been sitting there frozen for 18 years.

-Strike Force "Girls in Cars"
Koko B. Ware "Piledriver"
Honky Tonk Man "Honky Tonk Man"
Demolition "Demolition"
Slick "Jive Soul Bro"
Hillbilly Jim "Waking Up Alone"
Young Stallions "Crank it Up"
Vince McMahon "Stand Back"
'Mean' Gene Okerlund "Rock n' Roll Hoochie Koo"
The WWF Stars "If You Only Knew"

-IWA is/was the Imaginary Wrestling Association. They are STILL around, believe it or not.

-Randy Savage was the one who made shoot comments on Hogan on Radio WWF.

-WCW Slam Jam was an album of WCW entrance music from 1992. I'm sorry, it was horrid. Rick Steamboat's song talked about him being a family man who loved his wife and kids. Dustin Rhodes' song was even worse. Sting's was OK. The Freebirds? The man who wrote "Badstreet USA" came up with that??

-The MUSCLE Things were pink/flesh colored. They had other colors later on, which I didn't know until you guys told me.

-True, the Hulkamania Workout Set existed. I might've even purchased one myself. Okay, I did. Don't tell anyone.

-Rick Martel's cologne was called Arrogance.

-Badstreet was in Atlanta, G-A. Baddest street in the whole USA. I guess Hayes never walked through downtown Oakland.
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