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1. True or False: Ric Flair was raised by his natural, biological parents.

2. Young Ric Flair was not sharp in school. You could say that makes him even more cool than he already is. Being a school flunkie is only cool if you make a great living doing something else, like a rock star. Otherwise it's pathetic. So yes, that makes Ric Flair cool. It got so bad that Ric was sent to a special school that would whip him into shape. All it did was make him sleep with even more women than he already was. Which of the following describes Ric's upbringing in Minnesota:

~~~A. Poor and destitute.
~~~B. Mega rich. We're talking silver spoons here.
~~~C. Higher than middle class, but definitely not super rich.

3. The man largely responsible for making sure Flair never quit wrestling is the same man who is almost universally disliked in wrestling: Verne Gagne. After Flair left the AWA, Verne wanted him to sign a contract that would give Verne a significant percentage of his earnings for the rest of his career. The naive, gullible Flair almost signed it, but thankfully was warned against it. What territory did Flair work in after the AWA? This is not a trick question. It's basically the territory he first made his name in during the mid and late 1970s. If you don't know the territory's name, then just name a state it regularly ran shows in.

4. A very famous angle is when Ric Flair was in the ring with models, and Rick Steamboat came out and beat him up, ripping Flair's suit to shreds. It worked well enough in the 70s that they tried it again in 1989. In the 1970s angle, what is notable about one of the models (Bonnie) Flair was with? Specifically, it's notable because this fact is somehow related to Rick Steamboat? What does one of those blond models have to do with Steamboat?

5. The 4 Horsemen, and their exploits outside the ring, are legendary. What wrestler (also a Horseman) came up with the name "The 4 Horsemen?"

6. Which one of these little known facts is NOT true?

~~~A. Ric Flair was the paperboy for "Mad Dog" Vachon when he was a kid
~~~B. Flair's father (a doctor) "delivered" several notable babies, including former WCW employee Gary Juster
~~~C. Flair's roommate in college was Bill Goldberg's older brother
~~~D. Flair is 100% Native American
~~~E. Flair (while breaking into the business) once went on a trip to Japan with Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch in which he basically carried their bags and acted like their lackey
~~~F. Flair's opening line to his future wife at a bar was, "Love of my life!"
~~~G. When Flair invited his parents to his first NWA title win in 1981, the business was so "protected" at the time that he couldn't even tell them that he was winning the title that night
~~~H. Flair once rode on a train for 5 hours with former President George Bush Sr, talking about politics and sports.

7. When Flair won the WWF title at the 1992 Royal Rumble, what number did he draw in the Rumble? Hint: He was one of the first 5 entrants. Was he the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth?

8. When Flair left for WCW in 1993, he first had to lose a "loser leaves WWF" match on Raw. And he did just that. Whom did he lose to?

9. "Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeene, whooooooooooo, by God, Gene!!" "Woman, won't ya marry me!" Flair's interviews in the Nitro glory days were tremendous, even though the company still treated him poorly. One of the best was Flair's return to Greenville, SC in the Fall of 1998, to one of the biggest pops of all time. Dressed in a tuxedo, it was Flair's return to WCW after many months. Why was he gone for so many months?

10. On the Ultimate Ric Flair Collection DVD set, there's footage of Flair after a somewhat recent Raw match in Greenville, SC. To Ric's surprise, the WWE staff backstage all came to the ring and threw a party for him. Ric was shocked and started crying like a baby. This never aired on Raw. To Ric, it really was a victory for him because he had never been treated with such respect in his entire career with guys like Jim Herd, Eric Bischoff, and Dusty Rhodes always trying to humiliate him. Whom did Flair wrestle in that Greenville match? Hint: Read the end of Flair's book for the answer.
-False, Flair was NOT raised by his biological parents. He was adopted.

-Flair grew up higher than middle class, but definitely not super rich.

-After the AWA, Flair headed to Mid-Atlantic.

-The model in that angle, Bonnie, eventually married Rick Steamboat. For awhile, there was heat between Flair and Bonnie because of how she butted into Steamboat's business affairs in 1989. I wonder if there is still heat between the two.

-Arn Anderson came up with the 4 Horsemen name.

-Of the "facts" listed, the only one that was NOT true was that Flair is 100% Native American.

-At the '92 Rumble, Flair drew #3.

-Flair lost his "loser leaves WWE" match to Curt Hennig.

-Flair was gone for so many months in 1998 because he was in a lawsuit with WCW over a date he missed that he claims he requested off months in advance.

-Flair's match in Greenville was against HHH.
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