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1. In 1990, Ric Flair was 40 and WCW management wanted the belt off of him. Sting was the guy Ric wanted to drop the strap to, and he did. Sting won the WCW title from Flair that year, at which PPV event?

2. Speaking of Flair, there's a very famous story from the early 90s that truly showed WCW's lack of class. Gene Okerlund teased a hotline story about a fortysomething former world champion who passed away... but you had to call in and pay to find out who. They led you to believe it was Flair, but in reality it was Jerry "The Crusher" Blackwell. Blackwell was a good worker for a big man, but my guess is most fans who called in felt ripped off because they wouldn't know who he was. Blackwell was a world champ in which promotion? Hint: it wasn't WCW.

3. Diamond Dallas Page stunned the wrestling world by not only becoming a great worker, but becoming a bonafide superstar with WCW and one of its most over wrestlers at one time. To add to the shock, DDP was over 40 when he hit it really big. DDP, who looks like he might have had some work done on his hairline recently (he does live in LA, after all), worked for TNA this year. Why is he no longer with TNA?

4. Let's play "Name that wrestler." This man was one of the first wrestlers in ECW to get over huge. He was over 40 at the time, playing the role of a guy in his early 20s. He passed away a few years ago. He was something of a star in Japan under a mask during his younger days. He worked for WCW and WWE later on, due to the fame he achieved in ECW. He was a tag team wrestler. In many ways, his ECW gimmick was sort of a predecessor to John Cena's gimmick, but much more "street." Name this wrestler.

5. Before the "Attitude" era, there was a miserable era in WWE called "The New Generation." While they marketed themselves as the new generation, their PPVs still featured guys like Jerry Lawler and Roddy Piper. Who is older: Lawler or Piper?

6. At the height of Vince Russo's insanity, he booked a match in WCW in which a forty-something Jimmy Snuka would do a splash off the top of the cage on Nitro. Can you imagine booking something so dangerously stupid? Not only did it rough Snuka up, but the recipient of the splash received a concussion. Who was the poor soul who had to take this splash?

7. The Fabulous Moolah is old. Really old. When she last held the women's title, she was in her early 60s. Anyone who became a wrestling fan during WrestleMania 3 remembers watching Superstars of Wrestling when they announced Moolah had finally lost her title. I remember Jimmy Hart screaming "This is unbelievable!" The year was 1987, and Moolah had been defeated. Who won the title from Moolah that year?

8. Right when Dusty Rhodes left the NWA after Starrcade '88, he was still booking himself near the top of the cards. This was despite the fact that he was over 40, looked much older than that, and was totally out of shape. One thing I'll say about Dusty is that he aged well. I mean, he might look bad now, but he has looked this bad for a very long, long time. True or False: Dusty Rhodes actually wrestled AJ Styles in a TNA PPV main event.

9. Perhaps the oldest active wrestler on the WWE roster is Road Warrior Animal. According the Warriors, they snacked on ______ and dined on _______. Fill in the blanks.

10. Two guys we used to think were pretty young, but in fact are over 40, are Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman. Of the two, who is older?
-Sting beat Flair at Great American Bash '90. The pop was truly deafening.

-Jerry Blackwell was a champ with the AWA.

-DDP isn't with TNA because he didn't want to put over Monty Brown, but eventually agreed to do so provided the finishing sequence was tweaked. TNA didn't like that and never used DDP again. That was the answer I was looking for, however I accepted if you wrote that DDP was busy trying to make it as an actor, since that is partly true as well and my question was misleading.

-The wrestler who matched my clues was Ted Petty aka "Flyboy" Rocco Rock.

-Jerry Lawler is older than Roddy Piper. Both actually look quite young for their ages.

-That was Jeff Jarrett who took Snuka's splash from the cage on Nitro.

-Sherri Martel beat Moolah for the title. As many of you pointed out, Moolah in fact held the title again in 1999. I had forgotten that. I've forgotten a lot about 1999, thanks to Russo's booking.

-True, Dusty Rhodes wrestled AJ Styles on a TNA PPV. If you're wondering why AJ was booked as a heel and had a manager who was several inches taller than he was (thus exposing his height), it's because Russo was booker. That explains much of TNA's booking pre-D'Amore.

-LOD snacked on danger and dined on death.

-Jim Cornette is older than Paul Heyman.
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