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1. "I will not say the words, you twit. I will not say the words I Quit." That was Mick Foley's battle cry as he built momentum for his own "I Quit" match, which was featured in the movie Beyond the Mat. Whom did Foley wrestle in that famous 1999 match?

2. Much like Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall put ladder matches on the map in 1994, Magnum TA and Tully Blanchard did something similar in the 80s with their "I Quit" classic. What major wrestling event did that match occur on? Please include the year as well.

3. One of Foley's all-time favorite matches is Ric Flair's "I Quit" match with Terry Funk in 1989. It was one of the few matches where the work of Flair's opponent exceeded his own work. Funk, who wrestled the match with a chiseled 6-pack physique, turned in an awesome performance. What televised major event did this match occur on? (You must include the number, too. For example, if it happened at WrestleMania 4, the answer "WrestleMania" is not enough. You'd have to answer "WrestleMania 4." By the way, the Flair-Funk match did not happen at WrestleMania 4, didn't happen at any WrestleMania, and didn't even happen in WWE. It was just an example.)

4. In that Flair-Funk match, they played on Flair's "neck injury" that happened in May of '89. How did Flair supposedly injure his neck?

5. You'd never call the McMahons quitters, would you? Stephanie indeed did her own "I Quit" match at No Mercy 2003. Who was her opponent?

6. Bret Hart was in town for an autograph fanfest this past Saturday about 30 minutes from me. Bret has had an amazing career full of great matches. One match that wasn't so great was his "I Quit" match at WretleMania XI. Whom did he wrestle?

7. The most recent "I Quit" match in WWE was at Judgment Day '05. Who wrestled in that match? (It's funny how questions that are based on events from this year are more difficult than questions based on events from 20 years ago.)

8. Let's go back to that "I Quit" match I referred to in Question 1. Mick Foley lost the match, but he never said "I quit." If that's the case, then how did he lose that match?? Seems like his opponent was up to some foul play.

9. Damn, there haven't been enough famous "I quit" matches to warrant a 10-question quiz. What was I thinking? Okay, let's go back to Magnum TA vs. Tully Blanchard. In addition to an "I quit" match, it was also what kind of match?

A. Cage
B. Texas tornado
C. Dog collar
D. Bullrope
E. Blindfold
F. No DQ
G. Falls count anywhere
H. Casket
I. Last man standing
J. First blood
K. Coal miner's glove
L. Street fight

10. Terry Funk was one of the all-time great promo guys. In the Flair-Funk match, they used the microphone judiciously. What a great idea, right? That way, Funk could use his rich vocabulary to taunt Flair! So in the heat of the match, Funk grabs the mic and demands that Flair quit "before I..." And he paused. What eloquent, witty, funny, trash-talking remark was Funk going to surprise us with? Surely he must've have thought it out for weeks and had something clever planned. So he continued, "Before I... hurt you!" Hurt you??? That's it?? What the... that's the best he could do? Well, at least the pre-match promos from Funk were great. In one memorable promo, he likened Flair's teeth to a horse's teeth. What piece of fruit did Funk compare Flair's nose to? (Hint: the actual line was "Horse-toothed, _______-nosed." Fill in the blank.)

A. Strawberry
B. Papaya
C. Watermelon
D. Banana
E. Pear
F. Kiwi
G. Orange
H. Grapes
I. Pomegranate
J. Gooseberry
K. Mango
L. Pineapple
-Foley wrestled the Rock in that 1999 "I Quit" match.

-Tully Blanchard vs. Magnum TA was at Starrcade '85.

-The Flair-Funk I Quit match was at Clash of the Champions IX.

-Flair "injured" his neck when Funk piledrove him through a table at WrestleWar '89.

-At No Mercy '03, Stephanie wrestled her father, Vince McMahon.

-Bret Hart's I Quit match at WrestleMania was against Bob Backlund.

-At Judgment Day '05, it was JBL vs. John Cena.

-At Royal Rumble '99, Foley never said he quit. Instead, a tape of his voice saying "I Quit" aired over the PA system.

-Blanchard/Magnum was also a cage match.

-Funk called Flair, "Horse-toothed, banana-nosed."
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