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1. Perhaps everyone's earliest memory of Eddy Guerrero was when he was used as a prelim job guy for the NWA. In one of the best squash matches you'll ever see, Eddy played his role perfectly in a 1989 TV squash, putting over their top heel at the time. Eddy took quite a beating and seemed to enjoy doing it. After all, he was putting over a fellow Texan. Who was this top NWA heel Eddy was putting over? (Hint: Notice I said "Texan" and "top heel.")

2. The NWA didn't use Eddy's brother, Hector, much better. What silly mid-card gimmick was Hector saddled with in mid 1980s NWA? (Though it wasn't quite as silly as what Hector did for WWE in 1990, the Gobbledy Gooker)

3. Los Gringos Locos would've been the greatest tag team of the 1990s had Art Barr not passed away. Their 1994 PPV match with AAA (jointly produced by WCW) gave Barr & Eddy a chance to showcase their talents for everyone else to see. They churned in a match of the year that is remembered fondly to this day. What was the name of that PPV?

4. The answer to #3 above is notable, because ECW used the same name for one of its own shows just months earlier. ECW threatened WCW with legal action. To shut them up, WCW agreed to "loan" some wrestlers to ECW for a show at the bingo hall. I was lucky enough to be front row at this show, in November of 1994. WCW loaned Brian Pillman (subbing for Steve Austin), Sherri Martel, and Kevin Sullivan. True or false: After the AAA PPV show, Paul Heyman immediately called Dave Meltzer and asked him whom he could contact in order to bring Art Barr & Eddy Guerrero to ECW.

5. The "Malenko-Guerrero Classic" was as important to ECW's growth in 1995 as the Samoa Joe-Kenta Kobashi match was to ROH's growth in 2005. It lived up to the hype, and Heyman marketed the feud brilliantly. In fact, he devoted one hour-long TV show to their final match that remains a masterpiece, and TNA should learn from it. The feud worked so well that it helped ECW grow out of their stronghold markets. What Southeastern state was ECW really beginning to grow in during this time? (Hint: It was because their TV show aired on the Sunshine network.)

6. It was one of the best TV shows ever: The Arn Anderson "retirement" speech on Nitro in August of 1997. I just finished up my summer internship and went back to finish my senior year in college, and had 2 weeks to spend before class started. I was in heaven. Nitro was so incredibly awesome back then, and everyone reading this knows why. After Arn made his legendary "my spot" speech to Curt Hennig, the crowd was red hot and ready to pop for anything. The match that followed immediately after involved our man Eddy G. Eddy worked his ass off to get over a member of the 4 Horsemen after a very emotional interview with Arn. This match is memorable simply because it followed that speech. What Horsemen member did Eddy put over in this match?

7. A perfect example of how hot WCW's undercards were at the time was Eddy Guerrero vs. Rey Msyterio from Halloween Havoc '97. It was possibly the best match in WCW post-'89 history. What was the stipulation of this match?

8. In a strange Nitro interview years back, Eddy threw coffee on himself. He was referring to a story that was very inside at the time (and still is). But this quiz is aimed at insider wrestling fans, so you should know the answer. In that famous heated incident, who threw coffee at Eddy Guerrero backstage at WCW? (Technically, this person threw coffee at the wall, not at Eddy.)

9. In one of Jim Ross' "Ross Reports" from around 2002 or so, he simply wrote a sentence out of nowhere. "Eddy Guerrero is amazing." And he was right. JR was referring to Eddy's recent ladder match on Raw, back in his mullet days (man, I miss mullets). The match featured one of Eddy's favorite spots, where he is climbing the ladder the same time his opponent is climbing it, and then he leaps over him real high and does a sunset flip off the ladder. It requires impeccable precision and timing, and in this match, Eddy hit it absolutely perfectly. Whom was Eddy wrestling in this match? (Hint: this wrestler is still with WWE, though currently sitting out an injury.)

10. Lastly, one of Eddy's most shining moments was when he won the WWE title from Brock Lesnar in 2004. In what building (city and state are acceptable, too) did this happen in?
-In that 1989 squash match, Eddy put over the legendary Terry Funk.

-Hector Guerrero was LazerTron on in the NWA.

-The name of that AAA PPV was When Worlds Collide.

-True, Paul Heyman called Dave Meltzer after the AAA PPV and asked about getting a hold of Barr & Guerrero.

-During the Malenko-Guerrero Classics, ECW was really starting to grow in Florida.

-After the Arn Anderson retirement speech, Eddy did a job for Steve McMichael.

-Rey vs. Eddy at Havoc '97 was a mask vs. title match.

-Eric Bischoff threw coffee during an argument with Eddy backstage.

-In that ladder match on Raw , Eddy wrestled RVD.

-Eddy beat Lesnar at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA.
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