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1. Survivor Series 1987 was more famous for the politics surrounding it instead of what happened in the ring. What PPV event was Jim Crockett airing the same day as Survivor Series?

2. At that NWA PPV mentioned in question 1, what was the main event NWA title match?

3. Survivor Series '88 was notable for the excellent tag team survivors match, which went almost an hour. My Italian relatives were glued to the match, and they hated wrestling. My Uncle Pino was blown away by the Rockers, proclaiming in his thick accent, "These-a 2 guys, they're-a ath-a-letes-a." That match featured a (very weak) babyface turn by what tag team?

4. Survivor Series '91 was notable because we got to monitor the incredibly shrinking WWF physiques (we'll get to play a similar game over the next 6 months). Hogan lost his WWF title that night to the Undertaker. He even jammed his neck for real as a result of the tombstone. What dastardly villain outsider used a foreign object in that match to help give 'Taker the win?

5. Everyone talks about Survivor Series 1997 from Montreal, but that wasn't even the first time Michaels and Hart headlined a Survivor Series in a WWF title match. What year did they first do that?

6. At Survivor Series '92, Hennig and Savage wrestled Flair and Hall. Of those 4 men, who was making his return to the ring in that match, after a several month hiatus?

7. Survivor Series '94 was headlined by Undertaker vs. Yokozuna. Ouch. Who was the special referee in that match?

8. Before Bret Hart and Steve Austin had their WrestleMania classic, they wrestled at Survivor Series against each other. In what year?

9. The Rock won a tournament at Survivor Series '98 to win the vacant WWF title. Whom did he defeat in the finals?

10. Survivor Series 2001 was funny, because Team WWF faced "Team Alliance," supposedly consisting of WCW and ECW wrestlers. However, that wasn't the case. In Team Alliance, how many guys on the team truly came from WCW after it went out of business? Okay, it was one. What was his name?
-The NWA PPV held the same night as Survivor Series '87 was Starrcade '87. The event was dubbed "Chi-town Heat."

-The main event at Starrcade '87 was Ric Flair vs. Ron Garvin.

-In that tag match at SS '88, it was Demolition who turned babyface when Mr. Fuji hit them with his cane. Fuji was then paired up with the new heels, the Powers of Pain. It was the battle of Road Warrior rip-offs.

-At SS '91, Ric Flair helped Undertaker win the title by sliding a chair in the ring, which Undertaker tombstoned Hogan on.

-Bret Hart faced Shawn Michaels for the WWF title at SS '92. And it was a **** match, too.

-Also on that show, Curt Hennig made his return to the ring after a several month hiatus.

-The special ref for Undertaker vs. Yokozua was Chuck Norris. Not to be confused with former WCW wrestler Charlie Norris. Remember him?

-Bret Hart wrestled Steve Austin at SS '96.

-In the finals at SS '98, Rock beat Mankind to win the vacant WWF title.

-Team Alliance featured exactly one WCW wrestler: Booker T.
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