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1. People say the Monday night wars led to the depression we've been in since 2001. Nonsense. Had WWE handled the invasion angle properly, and made WCW and ECW their own entities after the angle had run its course after a record-setting 18 months, business would still be on fire today. It was the bad decisions on top, and nothing else, that led to this depression. In WWE storyline in 2001, which WWE character "owned" WCW, and which WWE character "owned" ECW? (Hint: one was a boy, and one was a girl (well, she used to be))

2. Bill Watts is no stranger to both good and bad business decisions. One of his worst was a rule he implemented upon his arrival in 1992 that banned certain moves. This rule particularly was bad news for WCW's cruiserweight division (called "lightheavyweight division" at the time). What was this God-awful rule?

3. Some of the biggest stars during WWE's boom were Steve Austin, Mick Foley, HHH, Big Show, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Eddy Guerrero, and Sean Waltman. What do these men all have in common? WCW had them all under contract at one point, and squandered them away. Of those guys, which one was directly fired by Bischoff because he was deemed too bland and unmarketable (as he was nursing an injury, no less)?

4. In their infinite wisdom, WCW fired Ric Flair in 1991 while he was still champion. In other words, WCW handed WWE their potentially biggest feud ever, one that fans had been waiting 10 years for. (WWE blew it, but that's another story). Who was the genius in charge of WCW when they made the decision to fire Flair? (Not Ted Turner, I'm talking about the VP of Wrestling Operations.)

5. WWE brought back the nWo in 2002. It wasn't a bad decision, because it could've worked. But it should've been done a year earlier, when it really could've meant something and set the world on fire. When Vince personally announced the return of the nWo in 2002 on TV for the first time, how did he do it? It was quite a memorable promo with a very good visual.

6. True of False: Despite losing a ton of money and badly losing a wrestling ratings war, WCW spent half a million dollars for the band KISS to perform on Nitro.

7. Which one of the bad decisions regarding Bill Goldberg did NOT happen?

A. WCW ended his winning streak.
B. WCW turned him heel.
C. WCW had him hand-cuffed and dragged away by police.
D. WCW made Goldberg wear a pink dress and dance with Liberace.
E. WWE made Goldberg wear a blond wig.
F. WWE changed Goldberg's music.
G. WWE changed Goldberg's black tights.
H. WCW made Goldberg punch through car windows with his bare arm, risking significant injury.
I. WCW lied about his winning streak, inflating his wins.
J. WCW piped in fake "Goldberg" chants, thus making seem like a corporate puppet being shoved down our throats.
K. WCW made Goldberg talk, despite his voice not matching his physical aura and despite he was getting over huge by not saying a word and despite WCW drew their biggest buyrate ever just months before with a guy who spent a year not saying a word.
L. WWE made Goldberg wrestle long matches, thus exposing his weaknesses and killing his drawing power.

8. "Yeah, that'll put butts in the seats." That line is legendary in the Monday night wars for causing thousands of fans to change the channel to watch the opposition. Regarding the quote above, please tell me:

a) Who said it
b) What year it was said
c) What wrestler the person was talking about when he said it

9. WWE is stingy these days. But they weren't quite stingy when they poured (and lost) tens and tens of millions of dollars into the XFL. That was one of the worst business decisions ever. Luckily for WWE, they only shared in half of the millions of dollars the XFL lost. What major media network lost the other half?

10. This last question is a freebie. WWE made several bad decisions this year, between firing Matt Hardy, taking Jim Ross off TV, and asking Steve Austin to job to John Coachman. In your opinion, what was the single worst decision WWE made all year?
-Shane McMahon "owned" WCW and Stephanie McMahon "owned" ECW.

-Bill Watts banned all moves off the top rope. As Tom Zenk told us when he found out this news, "Oh no, this guy's a real dope!"

-Steve Austin was fired by WCW for being injured, bland, and unmarketable. Bischoff will never live that down.

-That was Jim Herd who fired Flair while he was still WCW champ in 1991. Although according to Herd, it was Dusty's idea. That might be true, but Herd had the power to overrule Dusty, and he didn't. But when Jim Herd and Dusty Rhodes run a wrestling company, did you honestly expect any GOOD business decisions to happen??

-Vince brought back the nWo in 2002 by cutting a creepy promo while looking at himself in the mirror in a dark room. He then turned around to face the camera, and the nWo logo was sprayed across his chair, which you could see in the mirror. The show then went off the air. Very cool.

-True, WCW spent half a million dollars for KISS to perform on Nitro. I love KISS, and even I thought it was a stupid idea. They even paid Dale Torborg a lot of money to perform as a wrestler with a KISS gimmick. Sheesh, thank goodness in 2005, no wrestling company is wasting lots of money on angles with Torborg in an attempt to get over mid-carders. Oh wait, you say it happened last week??

-WCW never made Goldberg wear pink and dance with Liberace. Although Liberace did once dance at WrestleMania 1.

-"That'll put butts in the seats." Tony Schiavone said that in 1999 regarding Mick Foley winning the WWF title in a taped match. That's another thing Bischoff will never live down.

-NBC lost a ton of money with the XFL. Imagine how much money was lost in that venture, and imagine how much money it would've cost WWE to buy out the WCW contracts of Goldberg, Flair, Nash, Steiner, etc. The incompetency is mind boggling.

-By far, you all said WWE's worst decision of the year was removing Jim Ross.
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