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1. In the late 1980s, Jim Duggan was caught with drugs, and then fired by the WWF. Granted, WWF fired him not for the drugs, but because he was breaking kayfabe and managed to get caught. What heel wrestler was Duggan travelling with when he got caught? Younger fans may have to Google this one.

2. Steve Austin got in trouble a few years ago on domestic abuse charges. At the time, whom was Steve married to?

3. This past year, a Hispanic TNA wrestler was no longer used because he was caught with steroids by authorities. Never mind the fact that some other wrestlers in TNA are dripping with steroids, but that's okay because they weren't caught (that's TNA's drug policy: take all the drugs you want, just don't get caught with them). Name this Hispanic wrestler who was caught with steroids.

4. Wrestling fans HATE snooty news reporters who do reports on wrestling with a smirk. That's why it was such a wonderful TV moment when "Dr. D" David Schults slapped "20/20" reporter John Stossel upside the head. I can watch that over and over again for hours. Yes, it was wrong, but you guys have no idea how that program twists and turns its stories. One time Stossel told one guy off camera, "If there's no conflict, there's no story," and threatened to cancel the interview unless the guy did something controversial. Like Mick Foley said, the real world is faker than wrestling. Anyway, what did Stossel ask Shults that prompted him to hit him?

5. Here's another one to Google. Marty Jannetty once performed the "Rocker Dropper" on a jobber, and broke his neck, paralyzing him. The move has since been renamed to the "Fame-asser" that Kip James uses. What was the name of this jobber who was paralyzed, and then won many millions of dollars in a lawsuit that followed?

6. Sid Vicious got in major trouble with WCW after his infamous hotel brawl with Arn Anderson in 1993. This wasn't just a brawl, but an alcohol induced attempted homicide. It's just a terrible story. What country did this brawl happen in?

7. Big Van Vader, who provided us with the "blooper of the year" on Raw when he fell on his ass, got in trouble with the law 8 or 9 years ago. While overseas, he roughed up an Arab TV talk shot host on the air. It was a work on Vader's part, but the host didn't think it was very funny, and Vader got in lots of trouble. What Middle Eastern country did this happen in?

8. Chris Kanyon, one of the most talented wrestlers WCW ever had, was arrested recently for his part in a brawl. Mind you, none of this was Kanyon's fault, as he tried to break up a fight. What's the lesson? No matter what is going on, if you're witnessing something unlawful, mind your own business. When Kanyon wrestled as Mortis in WCW, who was his manager? (By the way, I'd love to see Kanyon in TNA as Mortis, teaming or feuding with Abyss.)

9. Ricky Morton, perhaps the best babyface tag team wrestler ever, was also recently arrested. I believe he is still in prison as of this writing. I don't blame Ricky for this, because the divorce laws in this county are absolutely deplorable and completely unfair. I've met Mr. Morton before, and he was beyond nice to me. What was Ricky arrested for?
-When Jim Duggan was caught with drugs, he was traveling with the Iron Sheik.

-When Austin got in trouble for domestic abuse, he was still married to Debra McMichael. Well, that wasn't her last name, but that's the name most people remember her as.

-Hector Garza was dropped by TNA ever since he was caught with steroids.

-John Stossel asked David Shults if wrestling was fake, and got slapped so hard that he's partially deaf to this day. That was so wrong, but it still makes me laugh.

-The jobber who was paralyzed by Marty Jannetty is named Chuck Austin.

-The Sid-Arn fight occurred in England.

-Vader got in trouble for roughing up a talk show host in Kuwait.

-Mortis was managed by Jim Mitchell. Keep Mitchell in mind when you vote for Best on Interviews this year.

-Ricky Morton was arrested for falling behind on his child support payments. That's what happens when you go from making 6 figures to making a few hundred on indie gigs, and the judge is so cruel that he/she doesn't adjust the amount of those payments. This is such a crime. Note to wrestlers: DON'T HAVE KIDS.
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