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1. When it comes to exploiting wars, nothing comes close to what WWE did in 1990 and 1991 with the feud between Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter. Who were Slaughter's two sidekicks at the time? (You must use the names they were using at the time, although it's okay if you don't spell them correctly.)

2. Just this year, WWE showed real class by poking fun at the deaths of Terry Gordy and Road Warrior Hawk. The remark about Terry Gordy was made by Edge just a few weeks ago on Raw. The remark about Hawk was on SmackDown. Who said it?

3. Many were critical of WWE attempting to score high ratings by teasing an interview with Brian Pillman's widow on Raw shortly after his death in 1997. Just think... WWE is doing dumb, stupid, offensive, and crude angles now. And they've got a monopoly. Just imagine if the Vince today were on the losing end of a war like he was in 1997. Can you just imagine?? Anyway, what was Pillman's widow's name?

4. Kurt Angle ruffled some feathers with his remarks about the troops last week on Raw. Don't blame him, blame the writers. The first WWE tour of Afghanistan was just days ago. The first WWE tour of Iraq happened during the holidays in what year?

5. WWE gloated gleefully about Flair's road rage incident, posting the pics for all to see on Raw. I wonder if HHH had done that, if they'd post his pics? Coincidentally, the Flair road rage incident is almost an exact copy of something Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil did in 1995, although in Vince's case, he was cracking from the stress from his 5-year-old daughter dying of cancer. Flair is probably cracking from some stress, as well. How many times has Flair been married (not including his current fiancée, obviously)?

6. Here's an easy one. Once upon a time, HHH pretended to have sex with a corpse, in one of the most infamous Raws ever. What was the name of this "corpse?"

7. For those of you who thought Vince McMahon and his sentiment were sincere in the days following Eddy Guerrero's death, well, all I can say is, you should've known better. Nevertheless, I do give Vince credit for giving Eddy both a second and third chance at employment after his relapses earlier in the decade (and much of that credit belongs to Jim Ross, who lobbied for him). This gave Eddy a chance to turn his life around. The last high-profile, televised match (they had many this year) between Eddy and Rey Mysterio happened on what show?

8. Hulk Hogan will brag to everyone this year about how successful his match with Shawn Michaels was on PPV. He's half right. It was also successful because WWE teased that Bret Hart would be there. In one sentence, describe the angle on Raw that teased Bret's return at SummerSlam.

9. Believe it or not, there was a minor uproar umpteen years ago when Money Inc (Ted DiBiase & Mike "IRS" Rotunda) placed magnets on Brutus Beefcake's face. Yes, there is a back story to all this. Why did many people think this was so tasteless?
-Sgt. Slaughter's two sidekicks were General Adnan and Col. Mustafa.

-The tasteless remark about Hawk being dead was said by Johnny Nitro.

-Brian Pillman's widow is named Melanie.

-The first WWE tour of Iraq happened in 2003.

-Ric Flair was married twice, and is currently engaged again.

-The name of HHH's corpse was Katie Vick.

-The last high-profile Eddy vs. Rey match was on the Friday night SmackDown debut.

-WWE teased Bret's return at SummerSlam during that infamous Shawn Michaels promo where he gloated about Survivor Series '97 in Canada, and they played Bret's music. The crowd went apesh*t, but Bret never showed, and Shawn laughed in the ring. Earlier that month, posted a picture of Bret shaking Vince's hand, so even the smartest fans at home were fooled by this one. Alas, the joke will be on WWE, because the tease pissed off fans, and pissed off wrestling fans don't spend money on wrestling.

-The magnets on Beefcake's face offended people because Beefcake legitimately had metal equipment in his face to repair the damage done to him via a parasailing accident in 1990.
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