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1. Sting was always known as Sting. But the Ultimate Warrior was known as.... the Rock?? Yes. Sting and Rock were a tag team in 1986. Name this tag team.

2. After the tag team with Rock, Sting went to work for Bill Watts in the UWF. He was part of a faction with Rick Steiner, Eddie Gilbert, & Missy Hyatt. What was the name of this heel group?

3. As young kids who mainly favored the WWF, my friends and I were ready to embrace Sting as our new hero and watch the NWA because of it. But that wouldn't be, because Dusty Rhodes squandered his potential as only Dusty can. So who do TNA and SmackDown choose to be their booker in 2005? Dusty Rhodes. My head hurts. Anyway, after that match of the year with Flair at the first Clash, Sting stole the show at the Great American Bash '88 against Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson. He did a crazy dive... and the cameras missed it. Who was Sting's partner in that match?

4. In 1989, Sting played second fiddle to Ric Flair, Rick Steamboat, and Terry Funk as the headline attractions. Well, until Halloween Havoc. It was Sting & Flair vs. Funk & Great Muta, in a match remembered for the cameras catching Flair deliver an elbow to the throat to Funk that missed by a mile; a rare blown spot by Naitch. What type of gimmick match was this?

5. 1990 was the year Sting got kicked out of the Horsemen, in one of the year's best interview segments on a live Clash of the Champions. I miss those days. When Sting was a Horseman, who did the 4 Horsemen consist of?

6. When Flair left WCW, they went with Lex Luger. When Luger went with WCW, they went with Sting. Sting won the WCW title on a great card that was ruined by the debut of the incredibly ugly dark blue ring canvas that plagued and defined the Bill Watts era of WCW. It was so hideous looking that it actually dragged down the quality of the matches and sucked the crowd heat dry. Up until this time, during the Kip Frye WCW reign, they had a white ring canvas and the action was hot. Don't call me crazy for drawing this direct correlation of canvas colors and match quality, damnit. On what PPV event did Sting win the WCW title from Luger in 1992?

7. Perhaps the only positive of the Bill Watts era in WCW was how he got over Big Van Vader as a legit monster and main event superstar. He did this by, get ready for this, having him pin Sting clean with his finisher. GASP! Who knew it was so easy to get someone over by using clean finishes? Well me, Giant Baba, Sam Muschnick, Larry Matysik, the Funks, Dave Meltzer, and everyone else with a brain, for starters. On what PPV event did Vader pin Sting for the WCW title?

8. The Sting-Vader series is terribly underrated, as they produced a few ****+ bouts during a time when WCW was at its worst. One such match was at Starrcade '92. In between this match, and the videos putting over how important it was to win "Battle Bowl," poor Ron Simmons' WCW title was booked as the most useless title in the promotion. Sting and Vader wrestled a tremendous match. What "title" were they fighting over? (Hint: it wasn't a belt, but a silly tournament Watts had put together.)

9. The next Sting-Vader classic was at SuperBrawl '93, one of the greatest PPVs of all-time (sadly overshadowed by the death of Andre the Giant). This match was famous for Harley Race blading Vader way too deep. What type of gimmick match was this?

10. Finally, we'll end with 2001. Sting wrestled his last match for WCW on the last ever WCW Nitro. Who was his opponent?
-Rock and Sting were the Bladerunners. I made a mistake because Sting wasn't always Sting, he was once called Flash and many other names. Thanks to the many of you who pointed that out.

-In the UWF, Sting was part of Hot Stuff International.

-At GAB '88, Sting teamed up with Nikita Koloff.

-Havoc '89 was headlined by a thunderdome cage match.

-When Sting was a Horseman, the other Horsemen were Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson, and Ric Flair.

-Sting won the WCW title from Luger at SuperBrawl II.

-Vader pinned Sting for the WCW title at Great American Bash '92.

-At Starrcade '92, Sting wrestled vader for the "King of Cable" tournament.

-The Sting-Vader match at SuperBrawl '93 was a strap match. It was also called the "White Castle of Fear" match, and at the time, the hamburger jokes were endless.

-On the final Nitro, Sting wrestled Ric Flair.
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