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1. To the best of my knowledge, the first wrestler to appear on the Howard Stern show was Mick Foley. You might have to be a super hardcore fan to get this one right, but oh well. Foley got on the show through his association with which Stern Wack Pack member?

2. This classic radio moment isn't very well known, so allow me to publicize it for you. In 1993, a WCW wrestler came on the Stern show (with the same Wack Pack member mentioned in question #1) to promote a WCW house show in New York. Stern commented on how this wrestler looked a lot like Tom Selleck and sounded sort of like David Lee Roth. He then took his shirt off and posed, while Stern and his crew marveled at his physique. He started chasing Stern co-host Robin Quivers, and said for his match he'd wear tights with Robin's face sewn into them. Sewing faces onto his tights is nothing new for this wrestler. He did it in the WWF a few times. In the WWF, he even exposed himself at the Slammy awards. Who is this wrestler? (Hint: this wrestler has since passed away)

3. Kurt Angle once called into the Stern show for a few minutes, cut short because he was late for another interview. Angle was doing something of a media tour at the time, promoting awareness for a heart condition that his family has a history of. What is the name of this heart condition? (Hint: Angle joked with Stern that it rhymes with the name of a woman's private parts)

4. Steve Austin did the Stern show in 1999 in a very memorable appearance. Stern said he and Robin figured Austin was "good for $2 million." Austin replied, "Oh come on, gimme a little more credit than that," and held up several fingers. Ummm, yeah, 2 mil sounds a little low for Austin back then. On the show, Austin talked about his divorce, and Howard centered the conversation around that in a very humorous way. Whom had Austin just gotten a divorce from?

5. On that same show, Austin said, "Oh Hell no," when asked if he'd ever get married again. So then he went and married Debra. Howard pointed this out in Austin's next appearance, which was in 2003. Austin couldn't talk about that marriage or divorce because of a gag order, but he was all gaga eyed about his new flame. This new woman wasn't famous, but she later became famous among wrestling fans for being a nutcase who sued Austin in one of the messiest break-ups of all-time. What is this woman's first name?

6. Several wrestling females have done the Stern show over the years, including Sable, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Candace Michelle, Christy Hemme, Missy Hyatt, Marissa McMahon (Shane's wife), and Stephanie McMahon. Of that list, which ones have posed for Playboy? (Do not include Candace, since her issue hasn't come out yet)

7. Of the women listed in question #6, one of them had a very brief cameo in Howard Stern's movie, "Private Parts." So brief that if you blinked, you'd miss her. Name her.

8. Stephanie McMahon's Stern appearance in 2002 was something to see (or hear). Stephanie revealed a lot of info on the show, perhaps more than we wanted to know. She even called her breasts "Melted packets of butter" before she got implants. Based on what Stephanie said... True or False: HHH has a lot of hair on his testicles.

9. Howard Stern is going to Sirius satellite radio. Since Stern wasn't really allowed to say "Sirius" on the air, he instead say "eh eh eh eh" whenever he wanted to say "Sirius." The origin of "eh eh eh eh" has to do with wrestling. It was taken from a wrestling promo from Raw, during one particular wrestler's gimmick that involved sudden outbursts of foul language. What wrestler was this?

10. Finally, here's a list of every wrestling personality to ever do the Stern show: Cactus Jack, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan (w/ Dennis Rodman), Roddy Piper, Stephanie McMahon, Rick Rude, Candace Michelle, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Missy Hyatt, Christy Hemme, Sable, Big Show, Kurt Angle, HHH, Goldust, the Rock, Jerry Lawler, Billy Gunn, Chuck Palumbo, JBL, ... and, I think that's it. Maybe I'm missing someone. If you saw or heard any of these appearances, please tell us your favorite.
-Mick Foley was introduced to the Howard Stern show via the Wack Packer known as Fred the Elephant Boy. Fred is a sweet, nice, longtime wrestling fan who was born with a bad speech impediment. He got on the show because he was a 28-year-old virgin, and Howard helped Fred out by putting him on Dial-a-Date. It worked, and Fred's virginity ended after 28 years. Fred still does appearances for wrestling, including ROH, and I've even seen him at wrestling conventions dating back 11 years. I'll stop the Fred bio right there, because if I tell you more, you'll probably become violently ill.

-That was Rick Rude who did the Stern show in 1993. I have it on tape and it's hilarious.

-The heart condition Kurt Angle has done awareness work for is called Angina. It runs in his family, and that's not good.

-Austin did the Stern show after just having gotten a divorce from Lady Blossom, his first wife.

-Austin's famous ex-girlfriend whom he had legal troubles with is named Tess.

-Of the names listed, the ones who posed for Playboy were Christy Hemme, Sable, and Torrie Wilson. I mistakenly left out Chyna, which many of you pointed out.

-Missy Hyatt was in Howard Stern's movie, for a second. It was the scene where the woman was recounting her lesbian story, and a tent opened up with dozens of half-naked women. Missy was one of the women, in the background. Even if you pause the tape, you still can't see her. But it's her. She did the Stern show about 4 years later, and Howard had no idea she was in the movie.

-According to Stephanie, HHH does NOT have much ball hair. The exact quote was, "He's not particularly ball hairy."

-The substituted name for Sirius, "eh eh eh eh," originated from Goldust.

-Most of you said your favorite Stern moment was Chyna's appearance(s).
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