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1. As everyone knows, there was a nip slip on Raw last week involving Lita. It reminded me of when a certain WWE diva bared all during a PPV from 1999 or so. She was topless for about 2 seconds, during the height of the Vince Russo era of WWE smut TV. Which former diva exposed her breasts on this PPV?

2. There was another nip slip last year, during the WWE diva search. It was some stupid obstacle course, and this diva contestant (and she should have won, in my opinion) had to cut her obstacle short because her top was exposed. She was quickly covered up with a robe or towel, and WWE pretended it was an accident. Sure it was. Who was this diva contestant?

3. In the very early days of ECW, there was quite an uproar when a valet named Angel got completely topless and paraded around the ring for several seconds as the crowd went wild. After being exposed to such nudity, I'm sure those children in attendance went on to become mass murderers and convicted rapists, right?? Well, that's what some politicians would like you to believe. True or false: Paul Heyman was booking ECW when this incident happened.

4. Which WWE wrestler was supposedly "castrated" in 1999? This wrestler is still under contract today, although it's scheduled to expire this year.

5. This week you learned from this quiz that HHH has no ball hair. Thanks to Bubba the Love Sponge spilling the beans on the new Howard Stern show on Sirius, we now know that Hulk Hogan shaves all the hair around his private parts, too. In about 5 years, I'm sure his daughter Brooke will be answering that question on Howard's show too. Speaking of Brooke Hogan, name one WWE wrestler who said on Raw last year that Brooke is hot?

6. In 1995, it was considered risqué to do a lesbian storyline. ECW tried it, to mixed results. Which 2 women did this lesbian kiss?

7. Rick Rude has a knack for getting naked on camera. At least with Ric Flair, he does it off camera. At the 1987 Slammy awards, Rick Rude did a strip tease and had to be covered by a towel. Then, in a famous 1980s WWF angle, he was stripped "naked" by an angry babyface and the WWF put a black dot to censor his private parts. Which wrestler stripped Rude "naked" in this angle?

8. WCW tried to be hip in 1992 by holding a bikini contest at that year's Beach Blast. Which two women were in this contest?

9. Speaking of stripping, the leggy Stacy Keibler used to do something of a strip routine in WCW. Today, she is one of the most exposed women in America on the "Dancing with the Stars" TV show. But in WCW, when she wore big glasses with her hair tied up, she was called what? (Note: I'm not talking about her Nitro Girl name, but the name she used when she was a valet who used to strip on the announcer's table)

10. For this last question, please tell us your all-time favorite valet or female performer.
-The topless woman referred to last week was the Kat, Stacey Carter. Many of you also mentioned that Jacquelyn also had a nip slip back then, which is true, and I accepted that answer as well.

-The nip slip in last year's Diva search belonged to Leyla.

-When Angel went topless, Paul Heyman was NOT booking ECW.

-Val Venis was "castrated" in WWE.

-Both Carlito and Kurt Angle insinuated that Brooke Hogan was "hot" on Raw last year.

-The ECW lesbian storyline was between Kimona Wanaleia and Beulah McGillicutty.

-Rick Rude was stripped "naked" by Jake Roberts.

-The bikini contest at WCW Beach Blast '92 was between Missy Hyatt and Madusa.

-Stacy Keibler was formerly known as Miss Hancock in that dancing-on-the-table gimmick.

-Most of you said Elizabeth was your favorite all-time valet, which means many of you are 80s children.
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