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1. Hallelujah to Albany, NY. That's where Royal Rumble '92 took place, and it was probably the first real time Hulk Hogan had ever been boo'd on live television to the degree he was. It was so bad that in post-production on the Saturday Night's Main Event that followed, WWF edited the crowd reactions when they showed the clips. Instead of boo's, we heard "Hogan, Hogan" chants. After Hogan was boo'd and eliminated from the Royal Rumble, he grabbed this one wrestler, which allowed Ric Flair to throw him out and win the Rumble. Who was this wrestler that Flair dumped over the top rope?

2. Shortly after WCW Nitro debuted, many longtime NWA fans came back and became interested in the product again. Many of these fans boo'd Hogan on live television, which was hilarious. It was these boo's that caused Hogan to wear black colors in late '95, even wearing a black glove, which Hogan alluded to during a promo that drew criticism for its exploitation of the OJ Simpson murder trial. Right around this time or so, Hogan got especially insecure and started doing jobs left and right. True or False: Hogan did a clean job for Arn Anderson on live TV.

3. If you want to see a funny match, watch the opening 6-man tag match at Halloween Havoc '92. It was a rough Philly crowd, and they boo'd the Hell out of the babyface team (Tom Zenk, Johnny Gunn, & Erik Watts) and heavily cheered the heel team (Michael Hayes, Arn Anderson, & Bobby Eaton). No doubt the Philly crowd is one of a kind, and it drove the bookers nuts. Which team won that match?

4. We all know the WCW invasion of WWE was a huge flop. It's hard to understand why, what with super-over killer babyfaces like Linda and Shane McMahon leading the charge. The first ever WCW match on WWE TV died a slow death, as the live crowd took a dump all over it. Which two guys wrestled in this match?

5. Chris Jericho's last WWE PPV match saw him get half the cheers, despite being the heel. Who was his opponent?

6. Most male wrestling fans eventually settle down and get married. But they must be miserable, because they all want to be like Ric Flair and sleep with every woman in sight. And that's what Flair's persona was: a playboy. So it was no surprise when fans cheered him in his 1989 feud against Rick Steamboat, the family man who brought his baby son and wife to the ring. Whoever made that call was incredibly out of touch with how wrestling fans think. Thank goodness Steamboat was so awesome that he won the fans over. What WCW PPV event featured the most recent Flair vs. Steamboat match?

7. Let's test your short term memory and TNA roster knowledge. The crowd at TNA recently turned on Jeff Jarrett in the wrong way, to the point it ruined a segment in which Jarrett was spoofing Sting's old characters. For each of the following Sting characters, state which wrestler dressed up as Sting:

i) 1988 Sting surfer character

ii) 1997 Sting Crow character

iii) 2006 "fat, golfing, stroller-pushing" Sting

8. ECW isn't immune to turning on the product, either. Tully Blanchard once did a 40+ minute match in ECW, and the crowd totally ruined it. This was a very bad judgment call on Paul Heyman's part. Whom did Tully wrestle in this match?

9. The fans in Canada didn't react as expected in the infamous Rock vs. Hogan match at WrestleMania 18. Hogan (the heel) manipulated the crowd in his favor, as he is the master of doing. Yes or No, was the nWo still around when this match happened?

10. For this last question, please tell us if it turns you off when a wrestler acts like a babyface. Did you like it better when Cena was a heel on SmackDown? Would it make you like Samoa Joe less if he started acting like a babyface and begged the audience for cheers?
-At Rumble '92. Flair dumped over Sid Justice to win the match.

-True, Hogan did a job for Arn Anderson on live TV. Since some of you thought it was a trick question when I said "clean job," I accepted both true and false answers.

-At Havoc '92, the winning team was Zenk, Gunn, & Shane Douglas (not Erik Watts, like I had listed last week). And the crowd hated it.

-The first WCW match on WWE TV was between Booker T and Buff Bagwell.

-Chris Jericho's last WWE PPV match was against John Cena.

-The most recent PPV that featured Flair vs. Steamboat was WCW Spring Stampede '94. It wasn't as good as their previous classics, but at the time it was awarded ****1/4.

-Sting surfer was played by Eric Young. Crow Sting was played by Chris Harris. Modern day Sting was played by Monty Brown.

-Tully Blanchard wrestled Shane Douglas in that ECW snoozefest.

-Yes, the nWo was still around when Rock wrestled Hogan.

-By and large, most of you prefer babyfaces who don't act like babyfaces. What a shock.
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