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1. Boy did WCW luck out. They were owned by a wealthy guy with unlimited financial backing, who was extremely loyal to WCW but never paid much attention to the idiots who ran it. In one sentence, explain why Ted Turner always felt a loyalty to WCW.

2. TNT. That's the network that housed WCW Nitro for 6 years. TNT is also the initials for the WWF program that preceded Prime Time Wrestling on the USA network in the '80s. Regarding the WWF program TNT, what did the initials TNT stand for?

3. What one cable network did the following 3 promotions air on?

World Class Championship Wrestling
Global Wrestling Federation

4. Within the past few years, one short lived promotion aired on cable TV called the Urban Wrestling Alliance. What cable network did this air on?

5. When TNA Impact debuted on the Fox Sports Network, what day of the week did it air on?

6. When ECW ran on Spike TV, it wasn't called Spike TV. What was it called? (Give the entire name, not just the initials.)

7. When I was a young kid and flipping channels, I came across this wild wrestling program on FNN. I was glued to it, and learned later on that it was the Memphis promotion. Unfortunately, it only ran for a few weeks, back in 1988. It was fun while it lasted. What did the initials FNN stand for? (Note: this network no longer exists on cable today)

8. NBC is a huge reason why the WWF soared in the mid and late '80s that few people give enough credit to. Saturday Night's Main Event was something that everyone remembers from their youth, and NBC gave it huge exposure. But in the early 90s, the NBC era ended for wrestling. In 1992, Saturday Night's Main Event aired on which network instead?

9. How about those obscure wrestling shows that were the "B" level shows? Few people ever watched them, except for the hardcore junkies like us. Of the following show titles, which one never existed?

A. WCW Main Event
B. WCW Power Hour
C. WWF Mania
D. WWF Livewire
E. WWF Wrestling Challenge
F. WWF Main Attraction
G. WWF All American Wrestling
H. WWF Sunday Night Heat
I. WWF Shotgun Saturday Night
J. WCW Pro
K. WCW WorldWide Wrestling
L. WCW Saturday Night
M. WWF Prime Time Wrestling
N. WCW Thunder
O. WWF Superstars of Wrestling
P. WWE Raw A.M.

-Ted Turner was loyal to WCW because wrestling was his highest rated program on the Atlanta superstation when Turner started to expand his network. Out of this loyalty, he kept WCW around no matter how much money they lost. Then the AOL merger happened, and with Ted's power diminished and Russo's booking out of control, WCW was history.

-TNT stood for Tuesday Night Titans.

-AWA, WCCW, and GWF aired on ESPN.

-The Urban Wrestling Alliance aired on BET (Black Entertainment Television)

-Impact aired on FSN on Fridays, though its time slot did change in many cities because of pre-emptions.

-When ECW was on Spike, Spike was called TNN (The Nashville Network).

-FNN stood for the Financial News Network.

-In 1992, SNME aired on Fox.

-Of the shows listed, the one that never existed was WWF Main Attraction. But that is the name of a White Lion album, and White Lion was one awesome band.
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