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1. Bruiser Brody was tragically murdered in Puerto Rico in 1988. It's a terrible story, made worse by the fact that Brody's murderer is a free man who still wrestles today in Puerto Rico. What Japanese hardcore legend actually devised an angle in 1990 where he would feud with Brody's murderer (Invader #1) and avenge the death of Bruiser Brody? (Thankfully, it never happened.)

2. Of the following wrestling personalities, which one did NOT receive the courtesy of an on-screen graphic tribute on WWE television immediately following his death? (This is not a trick question. This guy happened to die during a time when several wrestlers had also died, and it was felt that if they mentioned his death, wrestling fans would start wondering what the heck was going on with this sleazy business. So it was never mentioned until much later.)

A. Gordon Solie
B. Davey Boy Smith
C. Gorilla Monsoon
D. Owen Hart
E. Crash Holly
F. Curt Hennig

3. Ed Ferrara, a longtime Vince Russo ally who knew even less about wrestling booking than Russo did, once participated in a disgusting angle making fun of Jim Ross and his medical condition. What was the name of the TV character Ferrara portrayed in this stupid angle from the dying days of WCW?

4. Mention "Von Erich" and you will get various reactions from various kinds of people. When Kerry Von Erich promised to win the NWA title from Ric Flair in 1984 (and he did), he dedicated his win to which deceased brother of his?

5. When Muhammad Hassan debuted in WWE, WWE got a lot less heat among wrestling fans than they should have. I got a nasty feeling in my stomach watching WWE try to get heel heat based on the tragic deaths of 9/11. Despite my comments in the beginning of the quiz, this is one gimmick I would have refused just on the personal safety issues alone. And believe it or not, Hassan refused many angles that were pitched to him. In real life, which ethnicity best describes Hassan?

A. Iraqi
B. Iranian
C. Jordanian
D. Italian
E. Tunisian
F. Pakistani
G. Uzbekistani
H. Canadian
I. Native American
J. Mexican

6. You remember General Adnan, don't you? He was part of the anti-American heel trio when WWF exploited the Persian Gulf War in 1990 and 1991. Adnan made the news last year when he lied, I mean, claimed that he knew Saddam Hussein personally when he was younger. True or false: Adnan is of legit Iraq origin.

7. Speaking of the Persian Gulf War angle, one person who defended it was Paul Heyman. His thought was that it didn't matter, because "It's just wrestling." When Heyman ran ECW, he got a lot of bad press (including a TV Guide mention) when one of his TV personalities made a tasteless remark about John F. Kennedy's recent death. Which ECW TV personality made this remark?

8. Everyone knows about the Katie Vick/HHH necrophelia angle from a few years ago. But many of us have forgotten about the feud and angles that led up to it. In storyline, "Katie Vick" was who??

9. It's amazing that WWE never exploited the tragedy in Batista's life, and I hope they never do. What close family member of Batista's suffered from cancer and nearly lost his/her life?

10. I will give WWE credit for two good deeds in recent years. They put Sean Waltman in rehab, and paid for Paul Bearer's surgery. It is possible neither would be alive today without WWE's interventions. This last question is hypothetical. Suppose you were a mid-card wrestler in WWE, in your 30s. You don't make a lot of money, don't have much money saved up, and have generally limited job opportunities outside of WWE. You don't have a college education, but you do have some blue collar skills and could get a job doing manual labor if worst came to worst. You have a wife and young child, and they both depend on you for financial support. WWE asks you to participate in an angle that would exploit Eddy Guerrero's death. It would garner tons of negative press, but those in the know would understand if you did it, considering your options. Because of your mid-card status, it is feasible you'd lose your job if you refused to do it. Would you do it?
-That was Atsuhi Onita who wanted to "avenge the death" of Bruiser Brody. Lots of you missed that one, which is my fault for assuming all of you have been reading newsletters for 15 years like I have.

-Of the names listed, Crash Holly did not have a graphic posted on WWE TV right after his death.

-Ed Ferrara was Oklahoma. All hail Jim Cornette for spitting in Ed's eye over that one.

-Kerry's 1984 NWA title win was dedicated to his brother, David.

-Hassan, aka Mark Copani, was Italian.

-True, General Adnan is of legit Iraqi origin.

-Joel Gertner made that remark about JFK Jr. If you recall, Gertner is the guy whose driving skills were such that he started up his car in the parking lot and... drove right over a cement block/lamp post. According to witnesses, Big Dick Dudley had to lift the car with his bare hands in order to dislodge it. This was before Gertner had a prominent role in ECW, and that visual is hilarious.

-Katie Vick was associated with Kane. That's as generic an answer as I accepted.

-Batista's wife recently suffered from cancer. So far, WWE has not exploited this.

-A surprising number of you said you would refuse an angle that would exploit Eddie's death. It was about 50/50. Something tells me the people who would refuse it are people who have not yet had the burden of supporting a family or huge mortgage payments. The solution to this dilemma is... get an education so that you can have options later in life that will pay you well.
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