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1. We'll start with an easy one for you TNA viewers. Before Christian Cage, the most recent TNA champion not named Jeff Jarrett was who?

2. In his recent interview on Impact, Sting said one of his greatest moments was winning the WCW title from Ric Flair in 1990. The match was good and the pop was truly deafening. But his 2nd WCW title reign was hardly as memorable. The year was 1992. Whom did Sting defeat to win his 2nd WCW world title?

3. Let's stick with 1992, one of my favorite years because of how incredibly interesting things were behind the scenes in wrestling. Bill Watts is out and about these days, and 1992 was the year he really tarnished his legacy with the overall bad TV he produced with WCW. Except for one TV taping. In the summer of 1992, Jake Roberts debuted in a heated angle to begin a feud with Sting. Also at this taping, a new WCW champion was crowned. Who was it?

4. In May of 1984, Ric Flair lost his NWA title to a beefcake who could've been one of the true wrestling greats if he had gotten his act together. Who beat Flair for the title that month?

5. SmackDown is generally horrible these days, but in mid-2002, it was the best show on TV. That's because Paul Heyman was head writer at the time, and he accomplished several things. #1, he debuted Rey Mysterio as a headliner, presenting him on equal footing with the other main eventers. #2, he linked Edge with Hulk Hogan, which Edge badly needed at the time during his babyface run. #3, he got over Brock Lesnar as a huge monster. Had Heyman not been writing the TV, Lesnar likely would've floundered the way Matt Morgan, Nathan Jones, and all the other giants did. Lesnar won his first world title in WWE by defeating whom?

6. True or False: Hulk Hogan held the AWA world title at one point in his career.

7. Chris Benoit spent nearly 15 years busting his rear, trying to achieve his dream of winning the world title. He finally did it, and then walked out of the promotion moments later. Why did Chris Benoit leave WCW after winning the world title?

8. The Undertaker is very unpopular among the hardcore wrestling fan base. He's stale, overpushed, and refuses to sell for mostly everyone. He won his first world title all the way back in 1991, a year after he had debuted and made a very lasting impression by those who were watching. Undertaker's first WWF title win was against whom?

9. I can't do a quiz like this without mentioning Eddie Guerrero. Tell me whom he defeated to win his first WWE world title.
-The most recent TNA champ before Christian who wasn't named Jeff Jarrett was Rhino.

-In 1992, Sting defeated Lex Luger to win the WCW title. Luger then left WCW, got in a bad motorcycle accident, and signed with the World Bodybuilding Federation while he recuperated.

-On the same night Jake Roberts debuted in WCW, Ron Simmons won the WCW title. You can question that business decision, but you cannot question that the angle was great.

-In May of 1984, Flair lost his title to Kerry Von Erich.

-Lesnar won his first WWE title by defeating the Rock. The Lesnar-Rock match did a good buyrate, hyped by videos that Heyman put together based on the athletic training backgrounds of both wrestlers. This type of hype was very successful, so of couse WWE never did it again.

-Hogan never held the AWA title during his career. Well, I know some of you will email me and tell me he did, and the way I worded it was confusing. So I accepted both answers.

-Benoit left WCW because Kevin Sullivan was named booker, and there is legit heat between the two for personal reasons.

-Undertaker won his first WWF title by pinning Hulk Hogan. Go back and watch that match again, and look at Hogan's physique. Look at Hogan's physique today (or Undertaker's, for that matter), 14 years later. It's amazing what science can do.

-Eddy Guerrero beat Brock Lesnar to win his first WWE title. If Lesnar ends up in TNA, then let's play a game of counting how many times WWE will air footage of Eddy pinning Lesnar.
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