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1. In the months prior to WrestleMania III, Andre the Giant challenged Hulk Hogan to a WWF world title match in a memorable TV segment. Andre grabbed Hogan's shirt and ripped it with his bare hands. This segment happened on an interview show hosted by a wrestler, similar to the "Carlito's Cabana" that used to be on Raw. What interview show did Andre challenge Hogan on?

2. I don't know the numbers, but the Hogan vs. Andre match in 1988 on NBC is perhaps the most watched American wrestling match of all-time. It has been 18 years and one month since that match, so if you didn't already feel old, now you should. Hogan lost the title that night to Andre, but Andre was later stripped (egads, bad choice of words) of the title and a tournament was held at WrestleMania 4 to crown a new champ. What WWF "executive" made the announcement on WWF TV that Andre was being stripped of the title? There is no need to have seen it live to know the answer. Just name the guy who made all those major announcements on WWF TV in those days. (Hint: This man has since passed away.)

3. In a very successful angle, Randy Savage turned on Hulk Hogan at the 1989 NBC Main Event show. WWF angles and feuds were set up so simply and well done in those days. Hogan was back in the locker room, tending to an injured Elizabeth, and Randy got jealous. In WWF storyline, how was Elizabeth injured in that match?

4. Prior to WrestleMania VII, Sgt. Slaughter won the WWF title from the Ultimate Warrior. Slaughter won the title after outside interference from whom?

5. The months leading into WrestleMania 8 were one of the last successful house show runs the WWF ever had before their resurgence in the late 90s. The drawing program was Hogan & Piper vs. Flair and Sid Justice, which if nothing else proves Sid did draw money at some point in his career, which he has always been accused of never being able to do (having Piper, Hogan, and Flair in the match helps). The Sid turn on Hogan happened weeks earlier on Saturday Night's Main Event. Very briefly, how did Sid turn on Hogan in that match?

6. Hogan won the title at WrestleMania 9, pinning Yokozuna in an impromptu challenge after Yoko beat Bret Hart. Why Mr. Fuji would issue a challenge for Yoko against Hogan after just winning a grueling match is one of those nonsensical storylines we're just supposed to make-believe. Anyway, Hogan's appearance at WM9 was never supposed to be about the world title. All the hype surrounding Hogan leading up to WM9 centered around his match against whom? (Name his tag team partner and their opponents.)

7. WrestleMania 11 received incredible media hype, thanks to Lawrence Taylor. Very briefly explain the altercation between Taylor and Bam Bam Bigelow that started their whole feud.

8. The angle that helped change pro wrestling forever was Steve Austin's classic confrontation on Raw with Mike Tyson. Anyone who saw it will remember it forever. One of the classic lines said by Austin to Tyson was, "I'll beat you any day of the week, and twice on _________." Fill in the blank with the correct day of the week said by Austin.

9. Everyone remembers the Rock/Hogan promo on Raw, which was great. But what we forget is just how silly the buildup was for Scott Hall vs. Steve Austin. Instead of being the nWo people wanted, it was Scott Hall getting bound and gagged by Austin, pushed around in a wheelchair. At WrestleMania 18, what was the role of the other nWo member, Kevin Nash?

10. Finally, we'll end with last year's WrestleMania. It did monster business, spurred by the slow-building Batista turn on HHH that was teased for several months. Just imagine if the feud had been hyped properly. Of the following, which NEVER happened as part of the HHH/Batista WrestleMania hype?
-Andre challenged Hulk for WM3 during Piper's Pit. When Hogan responded later with the memorable "Yessssssssssssssssss!!!" the crowd burst into cheers. But if you watch the tape, WWE spliced in footage of the crowd going crazy from a totally different segment, so it looked like they were cheering Hulk's decision, when in reality the crowd response was good, but the video footage was phony. It's a trick WWE has done for years, and to be fair, all of television plays tricks like that. That's what laugh tracks are for.

-Jack Tunney made the announcement on TV that Andre was being stripped of the title. The late Tunney was the "president" of WWE back in the days when Vince McMahon pretended he didn't own the company. And he dressed a lot better for the commissioner role than Mick Foley or Larry Zbysko ever did.

-Elizabeth was "injured" when the Twin Towers threw Randy Savage out of the ring and he landed on her. It was a great bump and helped really get the angle over. I'm just glad it wasn't Akeem who landed on Liz, because that would've been bad news.

-Slaughter won the WWF title after outside interference from Randy Savage.

-Sid turned on Hogan by reaching out his hand for the hot tag, and then pulling his hand away and walking to the back. They had teased tension between Hulk and Sid ever since the Rumble of that year. If you notice a pattern, it's running big Hogan angles on NBC in February which would set up WrestleMania months later. Planning ahead: it once wasn't a novel idea.

-At WM9, it was Hogan and Brutus Beefcake against Money Inc (Ted DiBiase & Irwin "Mike Rotunda" R. Schyster). I never really understood the IRS character until years later until when I grew up and had to pay taxes. Maybe if they re-introduce the IRS character today, he can feud with Ric Flair (sorry Ric, that was a cheapshot).

-Lawrence Taylor was sitting in the front row at Rumble '94, when Bigelow went outside and gave him the best-looking shove of all-time. LT fought back and lost his cool, and at the time it was a pretty legit looking brawl. Still, the PPV didn't do as well as expected despite the media hype. That's because very few people cared about LT outside of NY, and Bigelow was kind of stale despite how well he performed in the angle.

-"I'll beat you any day of the week, and twice on Sunday." Sunday was the word we were looking for.

-At WM18, Kevin Nash accompanied Scott Hall to the ring.

-Batista did NOT cut a roaring, intense, heated promo about how he was going to get revenge on HHH after being mistreated for several months in Evolution.
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