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1. TNA has a lot of momentum today, but that was anything but the case when they started out. Well, that's what happens when you make Vince Russo your booker. Before Panda Energy funded TNA, the main investor was HealthSouth. In what year did TNA make its debut?

2. Another failed attempt was Jimmy Hart's XWF. They ran a few tapings, but never found a TV deal and all that remains today is a DVD. Hogan was the main star of the XWF, along with what blond-haired Minnesota native? (Hint: This man later returned to WWE and TNA, and passed away shortly thereafter.)

3. The ill-fated UWA briefly aired on BET (Black Entertainment Television) in the early part of this decade. What did the UWA stand for?

4. I wouldn't call ROH lame, so perhaps they don't belong in this quiz. What's so lame about ROH? Not much, except that Gabe Sapolsky insists on running shows so damn late into the night, despite countless complaints. ROH recently celebrated their anniversary. How many years has it been since ROH debuted?

5. Roughly 10 years ago, a fellow named Paul Alperstein headed up a fledgling wrestling group. One of its main stars was Tito Santana, and they used a rounds system that American fans weren't used to. The group later had financial troubles, and basically was a big money pit for everyone involved. What was the name of this promotion? (If you just know the initials, that's acceptable.)

6. SMW wasn't lame, nor was it ever an attempt to go national. It was just a dream for Jim Cornette, and it was a lot like watching OVW except with much more experienced talent with much less pressure to turn a profit. SMW put on some good TV and presented drastically different product than what WWE, WCW, and ECW were delivering. Ultimately, they couldn't make money and had to fold. SMW ceased operations in what year?

7. Your best bet at running a successful wrestling promotion today is to go overseas. Rikishi is doing well with his NWE group (Nu Wrestling Evolution). NWE runs shows primarily in what European country?

8. Joe Pedicino had the #3 wrestling promotion in the country in 1991... although it was as distant a #3 rank as distant can be. At least it had a TV slot on ESPN. Name this short-lived-yet-entertaining promotion.

9. This women's group once ran a PPV show in 1992, which wasn't that bad and did feature the always-hilarious Jim Cornette on commentary. The promotion was called the LPWA, which stood for what?

10. Not all that recently, a group in the Southeast was putting on some decent TV that was very reminiscent of ECW. That's because it was produced by several ex-ECW employees and used ex-ECW talent like CW Anderson. They even had the "Extreme Horsemen." Unfortunately the promotion dissolved. Which one of the promotions below am I talking about?

A. MECW (Main Event Championship Wrestling)
B. MLW (Major League Wrestling)
C. MCW (Memphis Championship Wrestling)
D. PWI (Pro Wrestling Iron)
E. APW (All Pro Wrestling)
F. UCW (Universal Championship Wrestling)
-TNA debuted in 2002.

-The XWF star was the late Curt Hennig.

-UWA was the Urban Wrestling Alliance.

-It has been 4 years since ROH debuted.

-Paul Alperstein headed up the AWF: American Wrestling Federation.

-SMW folded in 1995.

-NWE runs shows mainly in Italy.

-Joe Pedicino headed up the GWF: Global Wrestling Federation.

-LPWA was the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association.

-The group I was talking about was MLW (Major League Wrestling).
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