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1. Speaking of Marty Jannetty, he's a guy who was hired and fired multiple times by WWE. He was and still is very talented in the ring, which is partly why he was always given second chances. Back when the WWF was on fire at the box office during their first glory period, the wrestling matches were generally bad... except for the Rockers' matches. Marty and Shawn were a great team, and after they broke up, Marty came back years later as part of the New Rockers. Who was his tag team partner?

2. Jake Roberts made an appearance on Raw last year, getting a huge pop despite looking haggard. If I were in charge, I'd do with Jake what VH1 did with Vince Neil: give him a makeover. Give him a nice looking weave. Throw him in the gym with a personal trainer. Assign him to a nutritionist or dietician. Put him in rehab to drop the nasty habits. Schedule him a facelift. Finally, give him back his cool, black leather biker clothes. After 3 or 4 months of teases, reveal the new Jake on PPV. Presto, an extra 50,000 buys. Anyway, Jake hails from what city in Georgia? (That is, he is always announced from this city, whether or not he really lives there or not.)

3. Road Warrior Hawk could party with the best of them. Before Hawk passed away a few years ago, he "died" in WWE storyline. This was about 1999 or so. What major "accident" did Hawk have in that angle (which WWE never followed up on)?

4. Hercules Hernandez was another big partier. We interviewed his daughter back in 2004, and for some reason she's mad at us and won't return our inquiries. We even posted his high school photos, proving that Herc was a regular guy like everyone else, just much stronger. So strong, in fact, that much of the Chris Masters "masterlock" gimmick is based on Hercules' infamous full nelson. In the late 1980s, Hercules had a "battle of the full nelson" feud with what powerhouse wrestler?

5. We recently lost Johnny Grunge, a very entertaining ECW wrestler who mutilated himself for us ECW fans many times over the years. Anyone who ever visited the ECW Arena back in the day remembers the Public Enemy and the wild brawls they gave us with guys like the Funks, Harris brothers, Pitbulls, Gangstas, and countless others. One of the Public Enemy's signature lines was "Loddy doddy, we like to _________." Fill in the blank.

6. One thing I'll take to my grave is that I got to see the late Art Barr perform live at the height of AAA, back when he and Eddy Guerrero were the top tag team in the world. In AAA, Barr was the Love Machine. In Oregon, Barr used what ring name?

7. While not as out of control as some guys on this list, one guy whose personal problems have limited his success is Too Cold Scorpio. For you newer fans, Scorpio made a Hell of a debut in 1992 when he debuted the 450 splash on a live Clash of the Champions special on TBS. He was one of the few bright spots of WCW TV during the Bill Watts era, as his roots go way back to the New Japan dojo with guys like Benoit. He has wrestled all over the world, and currently lives in Germany. Scorpio currently wrestles for what Japanese promotion?

8. Brutus Beefcake has a checkered past, but due to having the right friends, has gotten many chances in the business. It also helps that he was one of the top babyfaces for the WWF in the late 80s, always getting a big pop despite disdain from newsletter fans (that's what "internet fans" were called before anyone knew what the internet was). Brutus suffered a horrible accident on the beach in 1990, but came back in 1991 as host of the Barber Shop. Without question, the most famous Barber Shop moment was when Shawn Michaels officially turned on Marty Jannetty in a very effective, hardcore angle (by 1991 standards). How did Shawn turn on Marty?

9. Speaking of Raven, part of the reason for his deep wrestling knowledge is that for a short while, he was doing a little behind the scenes work with the WWF. When he was known as Johnny Polo, he managed what tag team?

10. In the WWF, BG James was a huge star; by far the biggest of the Armstrong family. My favorite was always brother Brad, who gets my vote for most underrated wrestler ever. But Brian is the one who made it big as Road Dogg. Of the name "Road Dogg," the "Road" part stems from an earlier gimmick he had in the WWF. Explain that gimmick and name the person he was managed.
-The New Rockers were Marty Jannetty and Al Snow (or Leif Cassidy).

-Jake is/was billed from Stone Mountain, Georgia.

-The "accident" with Hawk was when he fell off the Titantron.

-The battle of the full nelsons was between Hercules and Billy Jack Haynes.

-Loddy Doddy, we like to "party."

-Art Barr was known as both the Juicer and Beetlejuice.

-2 Cold Scorpio currently wrestles for NOAH.

-Shawn turned on Marty by giving him a great superkick and then ramming his head into the Barber Shop glass window. Marty bled and it was a very realistic angle. My sister was shocked when it happened, asking me "How did they make that fake?"

-As Johnny Polo, Raven managed the Quebecers (Mountie Jacques Rougeau and Jean Pierre Lafitte).

-"Road Dogg" used to be the "Roadie," managing Jeff Jarrett
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