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1. SNME had marquee matches, but they never "gave anything away" because the matches were always reruns from house show feuds that were drawing to a close. And in the 1980s, house shows were far more important than they are now. In what year did SNME debut?

2. One of the earliest SNME memories was of a very large man getting married. This goes way back. Name this famous fat man who tied the knot.

3. Who could forget the infamous steel cage match between Paul Orndorff and Hulk Hogan? Orndorff was possibly Hogan's best drawing opponent on the road, and revitalized house show business in 1986 after WrestleMania 2 ended up being nowhere near the media success WrestleMania 1 was. This cage match happened had a unique finish that has been copied several times since. How did that cage match end?

4. On the very first SNME, who wrestled Hulk Hogan?

5. One very frequent SNME match in the '80s was Randy Savage vs. George Steele. The matches were terrible, but this was Randy's first time in the national spotlight after years of being one of the top talents on the regional circuit. Very briefly, what was the gist of what Steele and Savage were feuding over?

6. In any other promotion, the idea of a Ted DiBiase vs. Owen Hart match was something '80s wrestlings would salivate over. In the WWF, it was the Million Dollar Man vs. the Blue Blazer (at SNME #20). As the Blazer, Owen Hart was an exciting aerial wrestler who was quickly jobbed out as soon as all of my friends started to really get into him and his hot moves. What was the Blazer's finishing maneuver in the '80s?

7. "Oktoberfest" was the theme of SNME #28 in 1990. Kerry Von Erich was the IC champ at the time, and Kerry's buddy Ultimate Warrior teamed up with LOD in the opener to defeat the three members of Demolition. What the... THREE members of Demolition? Yes. It was Axe, Smash, and who else?

8. After NBC dumped WWF programming, SNME resurfaced on Fox at the start of a very depressing year for WWF: 1992. Aside from Sid turning on Hogan, the show was known for the Jake Roberts/Randy Savage angle. What did Jake's snake do to Savage that night?

9. The final SNME (before the one last week) occurred in late '92, and was notable for the incredibly shrinking physiques that resulted from the steroid crackdown going on in the WWF at the time. Seriously, go back and watch that show and see what wrestlers look like when they aren't on the juice. On that show, Shawn Michaels and his pot belly won the IC title by beating whom?

10. Also on that final SNME show, newly crowned WWF champ Bret Hart defended his title. Unfortunately for him, he had no real contenders lined up for him that were a serious threat. On this show, he wrestled whom?
-SNME debuted in 1985.

-That was Uncle Elmer who got "married" on SNME.

-The Hogan/Orndorff steel cage match ended when both men landed on the floor at "the same time." The replay had a clock timer and showed both guys landing simultaneously.

-On the very first SNME, Hogan wrestled Bob Orton.

-Savage and Steele had a never-ending feud based on Steele's crush on Elizabeth.

-The Blue Blazer's finishing move was non-spectacular by today's standards: the moonsault. Since then, it has been done by Vader, Hugh Morrus, Terry Funk, and every student in Tough Enough 3. He also did a few other moves, and I accepted those answers.

-Demolition became Axe, Smash, and Crush.

-Jake Roberts' snake bit Savage on the arm. However, I was mistaken in that it happened on SNME. It was my (weekly) screw-up, so everyone got credit even if you missed it.

-On the final SNME, Shawn Michaels won the IC title from Davey Boy Smith. Hard to believe that after all these years, and after a major injury, Shawn has continued to have as many great matches as he has. However, the man is hurting and needs some time off.

-On the final SNME, Bret Hart wrestled Papa "Godfather" Shango.
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