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1. The most famous recent backstage fight didn't happen backstage; it happened live on PPV. JBL clobbered famed hypocrite Blue Meanie (the guy who whined about WWE not returning his calls, but meanwhile he never returned our emails requesting he finish the incomplete interview he did with us a few years ago). What PPV did this happen on?

2. This fight wasn't on tape, but pretty darn close. After the Montreal screwjob, Bret Hart decked Vince McMahon backstage. Vince was seen walking very woozy down the hallway, while Bret joked that Vince's face ran into his fist. In what movie was this actual footage shown?

3. In early 1993, a WWF mid-carder attacked Vince McMahon and tried to choke him. Luckily he was stopped, and this guy's career obviously went down the toilet after it happened. Well, WCW did find it humorous, since they signed him for a match against Sting as a surprise opponent at a WCW PPV shortly thereafter. WCW named him The Prisoner, but in WWF he was named what?

4. Sid Vicious earned the name "Squeegee Sid" based on a near-fight he had at a bar in 1991 with a guy much, much smaller than he was. He left the bar and came back with a squeegee, something I use in the shower every morning. What wrestler was Sid "fighting" with when this happened?

5. Speaking of Sid, he was a participant in perhaps the most brutal, well known backstage fight of the past 20 years. Sid and Arn Anderson had a gigantic hotel-room brawl in 1993 in which Arn was blindsided by a chair leg and beaten badly. Arn, who is extremely tough, shook it off and fought back, dealing blows so hard that Sid ended up with large lumps on his head from the swelling. But then scissors came in to play, and Arn was nearly stabbed to death. He was bleeding buckets and spraying like a punctured hose. Luckily, one WCW wrestler heard the noise and came to Arn's rescue, saving his life. What WCW wrestler made the save?

6. Shawn Michaels is a veteran of backstage fights... and has lost them all. Of this list, which one of these people has NOT ever gotten into a legit fight with Shawn?

Bret Hart
Marty Jannetty
Some military guys at a bar in Syracuse
The Harris brothers

7. Ken Shamrock is one of the toughest dudes to ever walk the Earth, but not many men are bad enough to fight off TWO men at once. Especially when those 2 men are immature little boys in big boys' bodies. These 2 guys, one of whom even got in a fight with Ric Flair once, may not know 2 + 2, but they do know 2-on-1. If either of these guys had tried Shamrock one on one, they'd have died a quick and painful death. Instead, they both handed it to Kenny pretty bad. But hey, that's easy when it's two against one. Name these 2 bullies who double-teamed Mr. Shamrock. (By the way, I'd love to see those two take on Ken and Frank Shamrock in UFC's first ever tag team shoot, but that will never happen.)

8. Ric Flair is a legend and everyone's favorite, but honest he is not. He'll act cordially in public, and then bad-mouth them in private. Just read his book, in which he takes jabs at Scott Steiner, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Raven, and others. The feud with Mick was real, and resulted in Ric punching Mick backstage very recently. Very briefly, explain why Flair and Foley had legit heat.

9. Speaking of Flair, he was in another altercation somewhat recently, and was reprimanded by Vince McMahon for it. According to Flair, it was due to years and years of pent-up aggression stemming from the WCW days. While Arn guarded the door, Flair bitch-slapped what WWE/WCW personality? (Hint: Flair talks about it in his book.)

10. Vader is a huge, tough, intimidating guy. But he got his ass handed to him backstage at WCW in the early 90s. This guy was definitely tough, but half Vader's size. Who is this guy who beat up Vader?
-The Blue Meanie/JBL fight happened at ECW One Night Stand 2005.

-That Bret/Vince footage is from a movie called Wrestling with Shadows. That is the 2nd best wrestling movie ever made, behind Beyond the Mat.

-The guy who attacked Vince McMahon was Kevin Wacholz, known in WWF as Nailz.

-Squeegee Sid got that name from an infamous 1991 bar incident with Brian Pillman. Mike Graham (shame on him for selling his father's life's work to Vince) was also involved in that, and while that wasn't the guy I had in mind, I accepted that answer.

-2 Cold Scorpio saved Arn Anderson's life in that hotel fight, and he saved Sid Vicious from a very lengthy prison term.

-Of the guys listed, HHH has never been in a legit fight with Shawn Michaels.

-The 2 bullies who beat up Ken Shamrock were the Nasty Boys. Sags was the first wrestler to ever sign an autograph for me, as he waited for Knobs outside the Arena by the rental car. Sags was visibly pissed when us fans noticed him and darted toward him with pencils and notepads in hand. Nowadays, I'll bet he wishes those same fans would ask for his autograph.

-The Flair/Foley relationship started when Flair was WCW booker in 1990 and Foley felt he didn't give him a fair shake. Foley expressed this in his book, which Flair heard about (and likely never read) and got pissed, and gave Foley a receipt in his book in 2004. Foley naturally responded to that, and things came to a head backstage shortly thereafter, with Flair throwing a punch. The only reason this is funny is that it took Flair to reach his early 50s to get a backbone, and now that he has one, he vents out at people who don't deserve it and continues to kiss up to those who do.

-Flair had a brief physical exchange with Eric Bischoff a few years ago. I love Flair, but had that happened under my watch, he would've been fired for that behavior (as would have JBL, the Guerreros, and Bob Holly, among others, for similar incidents).

-Vader was trounced by Paul Orndorff, one of the toughest and manliest wrestlers to ever step into a ring (aside from his passing out on a live WCW PPV 6 years ago.)
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