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1. I remember standing next to the elevator, when one of the hotel employees said, "See that guy over there? He's a bad-ass wrestler!" I look his way, and I saw some 12-year-old kid. I quickly figured out it was Rey Mysterio Jr without his mask. This was 1995, hours after the show had ended that night. What American promotion gave Mysterio a big push in late 1995?

2. One of the first "small" guys to get over in the modern era was Sean Waltman. Sean made his name on the indie scene and in the GWF, and when Raw was starting, he became a jobber for a few weeks under a different name each week. He became the "1-2-3 Kid" when, instead of doing the usual job again, he pinned a major star and became an instant sensation. Whom did the 1-2-3 Kid pin in this memorable match?

3. Another small guy who got a chance in the USA was Spike Dudley. I happened to be in attendance for Spike's professional wrestling debut in San Jose, CA in 1994. Before he was Spike Dudley, he wrestled by his real name, which is what?

4. 1990 was the year of Jushin Liger, as he rose to prominence and captured a ton of Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards. He was very short, but had a thick physique (which was covered up with the costume, go figure). The newsletter praise for Liger was so much that WCW brought him in toward the end of 1991. During Christmas of that year, Liger had a run of great matches with what WCW wrestler?

5. Speaking of Liger, he returned to our TV sets last year when he faced what wrestler on a TNA PPV?

6. The small guy who started it all was Satoru Sayama, who wrestled as Tiger Mask in Japan. His matches with Dynamite Kid are legendary, and inspired a whole generation of small wrestlers trying to follow in their footsteps. In fact, what current WWE star openly patterned himself after the Dynamite Kid?

7. One "small" guy who tried to be big was Brian Pillman. Pillman was an excellent wrestler who really brought some life to WCW's undercards from 1989 through the mid 90s. Brian had a legit close call, though, at WrestleWar '91. What happened to him that night?

8. After ECW showed Americans what cruiserweights could do, Kevin Sullivan stole them all and expanded his own cruiserweight division in WCW. Which of the following (only one) was NOT a cruiserweight wrestler in mid-90's WCW?

~~~~~~~~Dean Malenko
~~~~~~~~Eddy Guerrero
~~~~~~~~Rey Mysterio Jr
~~~~~~~~Juventud Guerrera
~~~~~~~~Jerry Lynn
~~~~~~~~Ultimo Dragon
~~~~~~~~Chris Jericho

9. The top cruiserweight wrestler in this country right now is AJ Styles. He will be one of the first home-grown TNA stars to become a major star in the USA in 2006. When TNA was starting out earlier this decade, though, he was a heel. Who was his manager?

10. Finally, let's end with Samoa Joe. Les Thatcher recently called Joe TNA's answer to Steve Austin. Not quite. Austin was a world-class talker, and Joe still needs to improve in that area. In the ring, though, he's ready for prime time. Would you rather see Joe compete in the X division, heavyweight division, or both?
-ECW gave Mysterio a big push in 1995.

-The 1-2-3 Kid climbed to stardom by pinning Razor Ramon.

-Spike "Runt" Dudley's real name is Matt Hyson.

-During X-mas of 1991, Jushin Liger had a run of hot house show matches with Brian Pillman.

-Liger wrestled Samoa Joe last year.

-Chris Benoit patterned himself after the Dynamite Kid.

-Brian was badly injured in WarGames '91 when he was dropped wrong on a powerbomb by Sid Vicious. This wasn't Sid's night, as the camera kept picking up his audible spot-calling with Rick Steiner. That was a great PPV, though. One of the best ever.

-Of the guys listed, Mistico was not a cruiserweight in WCW in the mid 90s.

-Who was AJ Styles' heel manager in TNA? Apparently it was Mortimer Plumtree, which I didn't know. The answer I had in mind was Vince Russo, but I guess I was wrong. I accepted either answer.

-Most of you said you wanted to see Samoa Joe wrestle in TNA's heavyweight division as well as the X division. Sounds like you're gonna get your wish.
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