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1. Very early ECW was booked by Eddie Gilbert, and the TV shows were decent. Bad by today's standards, with a very indie feel and embarrassing production values. Under new booker Paul Heyman, the shows improved rapidly. I watched ECW very closely during this time period, and the changes were remarkable and revolutionary. I've always felt the first 2-3 years of Heyman's run were the best in its history, but most people associate ECW with its TNN days, which is a shame because the booking magic was largely gone. What year did Heyman take over as booker of ECW?

2. "Blind" angles are historically very memorable. ECW had its own blind angle, when the Sandman was "blinded" and sold it very convincingly. How was Sandman "blinded?"

3. "Please sir, may I have another!?" Tommy Dreamer quoted from Oliver Twist as he let the Sandman cane his bare back. It was captivating TV at the time, and was step 1 of an extremely long process of getting pretty boy Tommy Dreamer over with the ECW fans. Also in the ring during this angle was Sandman's manager. Who was his manager?

4. Speaking of Sandman, his wife also had a role in ECW. What was her name? (Hint: it's the name of a fruit)

5. Let's stick with the Sandman. He even involved his own son in an angle during a feud with whom?

6. It still amazed me how desensitized we've become when Johnny Grunge's recent death wasn't more of a news story. It wasn't too long ago when the Public Enemy were the hottest act in the county. Their wild brawls and hilarious promos turned them into ECW's first superstar act, no doubt helped when Terry and Dory Funk put them over to establish them. Public Enemy's departure from ECW in 1996 was made into a big deal. Their final house show appearance was named which of the following?

C-Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya
Public Enemy #1
House Party
Philly Street Blues
Na na na na, Good-Bye
Thug You Very Much

7. Long-haired brawlers who did nothing but punch and kick, Ron and Don Harris were one of the early tag teams in ECW. What were they called?

8. When Arn Anderson made a rare ECW appearance (as part of a legal resolution with WCW) in 1994, he teamed up with what wrestling legend?

9. Sabu in early ECW was booked very similar to Abyss today in TNA. That's ironic, since the two have had some excellent brawls in the past 12 months. Neither guy would talk, and Father James Mitchell is every bit as good a promo guy as Paul Heyman is. Sabu was ECW's top face before the Sandman claimed that spot in 1995, but fans quickly turned on Sabu with the famous "F*ck Sabu" chants. Why did they chant this?
-Heyman took over as ECW booker in 1993.

-Sandman was "blinded" when Tommy Dreamer smashed a cigarette in his eyes with a Singapore cane.

-Sandman's manager in that caning angle with Dreamer was Nancy "Woman" Benoit. I gave ECW too much credit by saying that quote was from Oliver Twist. It was instead from "Animal House."

-Sandman's wife was named "Peaches." The greatest fan sign in the history of signs was from ECW Sign Guy. After Peaches got a very obvious boob job, he held up a sign that said "ECW Fruit Salad: Peaches with Melons." He even got a pop for that one when he held it up. I was in attendance that day, and my entire section gave him a standing ovation. No fan sign will ever top that one.

-Sandman's son was involved in an angle when Sandman feuded with Raven.

-Public Enemy's "final" ECW house show in 1996 was dubbed House Party.

-Ron & Don Harris were called the Bruise Brothers. Picture two giant Bruiser Brody clones without the talent.

-When Arn Anderson came to ECW briefly in 1994, he teamed with Terry Funk. At the time, when they did promos together, it was orgasm material for hardcore wrestling fans. Two of the best talkers and characters ever, teaming together for what may have been the first time. Just a dream tag team.

-Fans chanted "F*ck Sabu" when Sabu chose a Japan gig instead of an ECW gig after supposedly promising Sabu he'd be there. Heyman explained this to the live audience and succeeded in turning the fans against Sabu. This promo never aired on ECW TV, but part of it did air in the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD.
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