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1. This is very early ECW. Before Joey hosted the show with the giant ECW logo backdrop on the wall behind him, he hosted the show with a headset on in this white room. Supposedly it was high above the ECW Arena, but we know the truth. There was a nickname for this little room Joey called the matches from. What was it called? (Hint: think birds)

2. When ECW started making some waves, Joey Styles was gone for a very brief period. He was replaced by someone named Willie "Scoop" Watts, showing Heyman's bad blood with Cowboy Bill still ran deep. Willie was no Joey, but thankfully Joey returned quickly. Why did Joey leave in the first place?

3. Maybe these questions really do require longtime ECW knowledge. Well, if people are going to chant "ECW" and get all worked up over the return of ECW, then they better learn their history instead of pretending like they were ECW fans all along. In one memorable ECW episode, Joey was joined in the broadcast booth by "Peter Senercia," who went by his real name and tried to do a different type of commentary. In hindsight, it was foreshadowing the job he holds today. Peter was, and is, known as whom?

4. One guy I miss from the early days was this long-haired rocker fellow with a deep, raspy voice. He had a beard and moustache, and talked with a very thick Northeastern accent. His catch phrase was, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm NOT sorry!!" His segment was called, "______ in the House." Fill in the blank.

5. Ok, let's get more modern. Who was Cyrus, and what was his "role" in ECW storyline?

6. He started out as ECW timekeeper. Then he did some ring introductions in Spanish. Then he paired up with the Dudleys. Then he was heel commentator for ECW on TNN. In actuality, he was a rich kid from Brooklyn who dropped out of Cornell University to do ECW gigs for $40 a pop. It was a risk, and it paid off for awhile, but then it went bust. Well, perhaps he'll join ECW again and live out his dream of working for WWE. Name this man.

7. What was the first PPV event Joey Styles announced that was produced by WWE?
-Joey Styles called matches from the "Eagle's Nest."

-Joey left ECW many years ago because the voiceovers were interfering with his day job. The hours and commute were killing him, but they eventually worked it out. Thank goodness.

-Peter Senercia is/was Taz/Tazz.

-Filling in the blank, we have "Matty in the House." Very few of you got this, which surprised me. I guess the thousands of people who watched ECW in 1993/1994 are no longer around.

-Cyrus was a network executive supposedly from TNN, who tried to censor everything ECW. Seems like every TV show open was Cyrus arguing with Joel Gertner. In TNA, Cyrus cut his hair and looked absolutely ridiculous.

-The man we spoke of was Joel Gertner. He's the perfect example of why you should all finish college, but if he makes it big with the new ECW, I'll eat my words.

-The first PPV event Joey Styles announced for WWE was ECW One Night Stand '05. Some of you thought it was a trick question because technically WWE was financially supporting several ECW PPVs when ECW was still alive. Because of that, I accepted those answers too.
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