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1. One of the most successful heel turns of all-time was Hulk Hogan's in WCW in 1996. Name the PPV this happened on, and name the man Hogan leg-dropped to officially turn heel.

2. Going back a bit in time, Ole Anderson did the definitive heel turn in Atlanta in a very famous cage match. The turn was incredibly heated and the promos in the following weeks were vintage Ole. Ole has a lot of negative qualities, but promo ability is not one of them. In this awesome angle, Ole turned heel on whom?

3. More Ole. In another great promo, he turned his group heel again in 1990 when he kicked what wrestler out of the 4 Horsemen?

4. Austin is perhaps the most successful babyface ever, depending on how you measure success. But as a heel, business collapsed. Austin turned heel in 2001 at what PPV event?

5. We can't do a quiz on heel turns without mentioning Terry Funk. After Ric Flair and Rick Steamboat had perhaps the greatest match I've ever seen at WrestleWar '89, Terry Funk attacked Flair and "broke his neck." What was Funk's role during the Flair-Steamboat match?

6. Yet another ultra-successful heel turn was Randy Savage's break-up with Hulk Hogan on the NBC Main Event show in 1989. In one funny promo, Savage accused Hogan of having lust for Elizabeth and then showed a clip of Hogan "grabbing" Elizabeth's butt when he hoisted her on Randy's shoulders several months prior. It's amazing what long-term planning can do. At what PPV event in 1988 did Hogan allegedly place his hand on Liz's rump? (Hint: It was during a post-match celebration)

7. In the late 1990s, longtime babyface Dusty Rhodes turned heel and joined what heel group?
-Hogan turned heel at Bash at the Beach '96 by leg-dropping Randy Savage.

-In that angle, Ole turned heel on Dusty Rhodes.

-In 1990, Ole kicked Sting out of the 4 Horsemen.

-Austin turned heel at WrestleMania 17. What a dumb idea.

-At WrestleWar '89, Terry Funk acted as a judge.

-Hogan placed his hand on Liz's butt at SummerSlam '88.

-In the late 90s, Dusty turned heel and joined the nWo. It didn't work.
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