Wrestling Professor Quiz #51 (Monday, June 12, 2006)

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1. What was the first wrestling PPV you ever saw?

2. Who was your first favorite wrestler? It's OK if it was someone like Ultimate Warrior, so don't be embarrassed. We were all kids once.

3. What was the first non-WWE wrestling you ever saw? This is a strange question for folks who grew up on territories, but for the modern crowd, WWE was always the dominant promotion for most of our lives.

4. Who was the first diva/valet you had a crush on? For female quiz takers (as if there are any), name the first wrestler you had a crush on.

5. What year do you first remember seeing wrestling on TV for the first time in your life?

6. Name the date, promotion, location, and main event of the first ever house show you saw. If you don't remember all the details, then skip 'em.

7. What was the first wrestling related merchandise item you ever bought?

8. When you first saw wrestling, did you know it wasn't "real?" Don't laugh; many of us were way too young to know any better the first time, especially before the days of the internet.
There are no WRONG ANSWERS this week.

-The Korakuen Hall is in Tokyo, Japan.
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