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1. The Zombie??? If being on Sci-Fi is forcing ECW to do characters like the Zombie, then what characters would there be if ECW was on the Oxygen network? An Oprah Winfrey look-a-like? Seriously, the Zombie was everything ECW supposedly stood against. Unless you saw the ECW wrestlers at the hotel at 2am circa 1996, because in that case they really were zombies. Speaking of stupid gimmicks that bombed, Kevin Nash is famous for those. Which of the following bombed gimmicks did Kevin Nash NOT do?

Master Blasters
Ding Dongs
Vinnie Vegas
The Kings of Wrestling

2. The Jim Herd era of WCW made for some classic train wreck angles that died a brutal death on TV. Herd wanted a WWF product in front of a WCW audience, and it failed. It might've worked had the product not been so horrible. When Ric Flair was fired in 1991, the title was held up in a PPV main event that bombed like no other PPV had bombed before. At the pitiful Great American Bash '91, what two men wrestled for the vacant WCW title?

3. In my mind, nothing will ever top the ShockMaster debut. It has become the stuff of lore. Fred "Tugboat" Ottman crashed through the set... and tripped and fell flat on his face. This infamous debut happened during what segment of the show? (It was a Clash of the Champions event; name the segment going on that ShockMaster interrupted.)

4. Ric Flair is not immune to bombs. You could hear crickets chirping when he announced the brand new member of the 4 Horsemen at Slamboree '93. The only cool thing about it was that I actually guessed who it would be and my friends gained new respect for my psychic powers. I'd rather have been wrong. Not that he was a bad wrestler, but he was a total jobber in the fans' eyes. Who was he?

5. The nWo was red hot in 1997, as was WCW as a whole. Just a fun time to be a wrestling fan because WWF was clearly the #2 promotion in the country after a decade-plus of being a cocky #1. But the first nWo-only PPV was a huge stinker. What was it called?

6. The worst PPV of all-time is Halloween Havoc '92, bar none. Dead crowd (in Philly), no heat, sucky matches, bad booking, and the worst lighting you'll ever see on a PPV event. I had nightmares about this show last week when my landscapers found three garden snakes in my front yard. What was the main event ("Spin the wheel, make the deal") of this PPV?

7. Once upon a time, Roddy Piper could do no wrong. One angle in 1997 ruined him forever and showed he wasn't bullet proof. On a live Nitro, he wrestled a bunch of jobbers one after the other, and the crowd took a dump on it. It didn't stop his drawing power that year, but it made him uncool for perhaps the first time ever. True or false: One of those jobbers in that angle was a young Bill Goldberg.

8. You may remember a never-ending skit Mick Foley did called "This is Your Life" or something, with the Rock. It dragged on forever, and because it was a train wreck, it was one of the biggest ratings hits in Raw history. Foley brought out people from Rock's past, like his old teacher. One of the participants in this angle knew Rock rather intimately. Though it was never revealed on TV, what was this woman's real-life relationship with the Rock?

9. This next segment was so bad that I must've asked about it several times in old quizzes. The first ever WCW match on WWE TV in 2001 was a bomb so big it could've been used to take out al-Qaeda. What two wrestlers bored the crowd with this infamous match?
-Of the gimmicks listed, Kevin Nash did not do the Ding Dongs.

-At GAB '91, Lex Luger and Barry Windham wrestled for the vacant WCW title.

-ShockMaster debuted by interrupting a Flair for the Gold.

-That 4th Horseman was Paul Roma.

-The first nWo-only PPV was Souled Out.

-Havoc '92 was headlined by Jake Roberts vs. Sting.

-False, Bill Goldberg was NOT one of the jobbers Roddy Piper beat up in that pitiful Nitro segment from 1997.

-The woman in "This is Your Life" was Rock's real-life wife.

-That WCW match on Raw in 2001 was Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell.
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