Kane At Odds with the Authority

Kane 7

Heel Turn: Kane At Odds with the Authority
By Joe Messineo

After three straight surprise appearances that have caused nothing but problems for Seth Rollins, it’s still unclear if Kane will break from The Authority in pursuit of his revenge.

The Demon Returns

The schism between Kane and Rollins has deepened since Rollins won the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 31. Since then, Kane has made it clear that he has not been happy with taking a subordinate role to the brash Seth Rollins. Kane had been out for two months recovering from a broken ankle sustained during a Brock Lesnar rampage.

Initially appearing to assist the weakened Rollins by protecting him from a Sheamus cash-in attempt, the masked Kane then turned and delivered a Tombstone to Rollins to put a cap on the evening.

What About Corporate Kane?

Given what went down at Night of Champions, it seems like Kane felt as if he needed to return to his uncontrollable demonic ways in order to escape the reach of The Authority. Surprise! Just when you think the Big Red Machine is back, Kane shows up to RAW in a suit.

Kane was all smiles and he seemed ready to return to his duties as Director of Operations. Kane also appeared to have no recollection of the events of the previous night when confronted by HHH and Stephanie McMahon.

Yet more confusion was in store as The Demon Kane appeared later in the night to drag Rollins through the ring after he wrestled Cena. Corporate Kane made his return on Smackdown, acting as if he was unaware of what the Big Red Machine had done. The unexpected distraction of Kane’s music and pyro would later cost Rollins a loss in a non-title match against Dean Ambrose.

Kane’s Mind Game with The Authority

Is Kane suffering from schizophrenia? Is Kane’s short-term amnesia is real? Is Kane intentionally playing mind games in an attempt to torture Rollins? It may not matter in the end, because the Demon seems determined to get his due one way or another.

With Rollins as the poster boy for The Authority, this would seem to put Kane in direct conflict with the powers that be. Despite much of the recent confusion, Kane still seems to have the full faith and confidence of The Authority, given the fact that he has retained his role as Director of Operations.

Is Kane Leaving The Authority… Or Rollins?

Given their long history together, The Authority may be willing to overlook some shenanigans from Kane, just as long as he doesn’t take things too far. But this could also represent an early signal that The Authority is losing its faith in Rollins as their hand-picked champion. Shouldn’t The Authority try to protect the future of the company?

Though his title defense against Sting was impressive, Rollins has suffered a number of losses as of late. There has been speculation circulating among wrestling fans suggesting that a HHH/Rollins breakup could be imminent. If the current state of affairs persist, The Authority won’t have enough room for Corporate Kane, the Demon Kane and Seth Rollins; one of them may be due for an exit.

— Joe Messineo