King Of The Ring: The Current State Of Play

Fans of the WWE will know that the league has undergone many changes over the course of its storied and illustrious history. One of those is the way that it promotes and manages its own tournaments in various locations from coast to coast. One of the long stays in the WWE has been the King of the Ring Tournament, yet many fans have felt that it has long since outlived its glory days. Could the WWE be positioning this long held fan favorite for the dungeon, or is it poised for a spectacular comeback of epic proportions? I personally hope that it’s the latter.

One of the questions that many around the WWE world are asking is related to a matter of relevancy and importance. Is the King of the Ring tournament even relevant enough to the sport as a whole in order for it to continue? There is no easy answer to this, but it appears that executives of the WWE are waffling on this themselves. The King of the Ring tournament has been held three times in the past eight years, with each seeing signs of life in terms of talent, but stagnancy in terms of actual entertainment.

Remember the Hart brothers? Or, what about Angle and Lesnar? All of those were on the top of their wrestling careers and added to an incredible field of competition each and every time they entered the King of the Ring Tournament. If the WWE decides to split this tournament away from its own management structure, how will fans react? The tournament itself is already suffering from a lack of talent, and this is becoming problematic as it plans out it’s next two events. There is hope that Sami Zayn, or even Cesaro, will join forces and enter the ring. That would be great considering how audiences have been reacting to them thus far in 2016, but will it be enough?

As the scope of professional wrestling continues to change, some question if the tournament is even necessary any longer. To lose it, however, will be to give up a piece of the WWE that generations of fans have grown up with. Surely there is something that can be done to restore the event to its former glory. Perhaps a more scaled back event is the answer? Who knows, but one thing that is for certain; if tournaments like King of the Ring are to exist going forward, they have to live up the high standard that WWE fans expect.

While the prestige of the tournament has certainly diminished in recent years, it is not dead yet. It is, however, on life support. Now is the time for fans to speak up and let the WWE know what they want.  If it continues to exist, King of The Ring will always be a trip down memory lane, but if it is not consistently a great one trip, is it even worth taking?

— Joe Messineo