Laboratory Breeding Ground known as Monster Factory



Charisma Corner with Bob Eager:
Laboratory Breeding Ground  known as Monster Factory

It is only fitting during the month of October close to Halloween we discuss a well known Laboratory in Paulsboro New Jersey. The Monster Factory is a breeding ground of formidable athletes.  The Factory  been training wrestlers and referees for over 30 years

Some well known alumni are Big Show, Sheamus,  Bam Bam Bigelow and King Kong Bundy.

It was founded by Nature Boy Buddy Rogers , Pretty Boy Larry Sharpe , Blue Meanie and Wild Bill Wiles two last mentioned are both from former ECW. This facility has a weight room as well as  a room for cutting promos.

Danny Cage acquired the Factory in 2011.

Danny Cage has said that , “One of our goals is to get these students ready for a career in pro wrestling. Inside the ring is a very small part. Our other goal is that you leave the World Famous Monster Factory a better person.”

One of its current mainstays John Guzzardo has some comments of his own about the future stars of the company. Guzzardo referee says ,”Our up and coming stars are current Heavyweight champion Matthew Riddle, Nick Comoroto, Clutch Adams, Billy Damiana, WAR, The MV Miranda Vionette and Royal Money is starting to become a crowd favorite.”

As of this writing championship may have changed hands. Who is the new Leviathan of this intimidating laboratory?


— Bob Eager