Lucha Underground is Uprising

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Turnbuckle Post: Lucha Underground is Uprising
By: Peter Bahi

I have to admit: I have a somewhat abnormal obsession with Lucha Underground.

When the concept was tossed around about a Lucha Libre company here in the states, I was a bit hesitant as to how the American fans were going to accept this style of wrestling. Week in and week out we are forced to watch a wrestling product that no longer goes out of its way to appease the fans because they no longer have to because World Wrestling Entertainment owns everything!

Until of course: The Uprising began.

Lucha Underground is produced by United Artists Media Group. For those who are unfamiliar with UA Media, they are the very same media frenzy that brought you the Rocky movies, Raging Bull and Casino Royale to name just a few. If you watch their production style, you can see it being ran as much as a Hispanic soap opera on top of the amazing wrestling action.

So what about the wrestling action? The company has former WWE stars such as: Johnny Mundo (John Morrison), Big Ryck (Ezekiel Jackson) and most recently Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio). Former Impact Wrestling stars have appeared as well, such as: Hernandez and DelAvar Daivari (Daivari in WWE & TNA). They feature such matches as inter-gender matches (men vs. women), casket matches, and have six men tag team championships.

They realize the best way to be different than the WWE is to have these types of stipulations fans can crave. Their arena, the Lucha Underground Arena, located in Boyle Heights, California, has the, pun attended, underground scenery that makes this best-kept secret of a company not so much. Everyone is tuning in, with every reason so.

Lucha Underground is seen all around the world with a sixty-minute episode that keeps you wanting more. They have been so impressive, celebrities and athletes stop by to watch the action just as well. Former Los Angeles Laker legend A.C Green was seen cheering loudly as well as Hot Tub Time Machine’s Clark Duke, who is a known avid professional wrestling fan. If you are interested in listening to the buzz their shows air weekly every Wednesday night on the El Ray Network, which you can watch in English with former WWE Commentator and Wrestler, Matt Striker and former WCW Wrestler and International legend, Vampiro as the Commentators on that channel. You can also watch it in Spanish on Univision and UniMas with former WWE Spanish Commentator Hugo Savinovich and Vampiro (yes, this Canadian is fluent in Spanish as well).

First champion in its history is Prince Puma, who, at twenty-six years of age has made a huge impact in the independent wrestling industry before making the leap to the mainstream with Lucha Underground. On the Independent circuit he was known as Ricochet and now he dons the mask as Prince Puma shaking the entire industry as first ever champion after he defeated 19 other participants in the Aztec Warfare battle royal, and a week later retained his title by defeating Fenix. You can see Prince Puma taking acrobatic risks, which fits the Lucha Libre style with his Shooting Star Presses, 630 Senton Splashes, and creative risk moves such as the Double Rotation Moonsault.

This is the present of the company and he’s definitely a mainstay for years to come.

Tune in to Lucha Underground every Wednesday at 6pm eastern time, with repeats all throughout the night. El Ray Network has really invested its time and money into this company and it definitely shows with positive production and wrestling action.

Other professional wrestling companies beware; Lucha Underground is on the Uprise.

— Pete Bahi