My Royal Rumble Predictions

HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
My Royal Rumble Predictions:
Our resident philosopher breaks out his crystal ball, tea leaves and lucky coin to try and figure out the winners, losers and future implications of Sunday’s PPV.

The Royal Rumble is Sunday. It’s the kickstart to everything between Sunday and Wrestlemania. I’ve already plopped down my $45+ for the show. I want to try and sort through this, through in a few suggestions for the Rumble match. I also want to figure how things are going to go between now and Wrestlemania.

Undertaker v Rey Mysterio
World Title Match

Backstory: Little Rey Rey scooted out of the cage and kicked its door into Batista’s skull to earn the title shot. Undertaker is looking at a challenge from Shawn Michaels, maybe, at Wrestlemania. This match is just a straight-up battle.

Predictions: Batista is going to get in the middle of this bad boy, make book on it. Expect the next big PPV, an Elimination Chamber extravaganza, to include Rey, Taker, Batista, John Morrison, Chris Jericho and one cannon fodder guy (probably Finlay). Taker will keep his title, on Sunday, in a no-contest when Batista gets involved.

Predicted Winner: No Contest, Taker retains
Predicted Grade: B

Sheamus v Randy Orton
WWE Title Match

Backstory: Sheamus knocked John Cena off the turnbuckles and through a table to take the WWE title at TLC. Cena has tried to regain the belt but fallen short. Orton won a Three-Way Match against John Cena and Kofi Kingston to earn the title shot. Orton and Sheamus have taken turns attacking each other.

Predictions: Much like the Taker battle, this one is going to end up as a set-up for Elimination Chamber. Sheamus, Cena, Orton, Kofi and probably Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase (Jr.) will be involved. I expect Sheamus to retain the title after a Celtic Cross (WWE’s stolen name for Sheamus’ finisher).

Predicted Winner: Sheamus
Predicted Grade: B+

Christian v Ezekiel Jackson
ECW Title Match

Backstory: Jackson won the ECW Homecoming Battle Royal to earn a shot at Christian’s title. Christian has defended his title, a few times, but really hasn’t had a strong opponent to battle. Jackson also has William Regal in his corner.

Predictions: This one could be a little tricky. It’s about time for Christian to drop the belt. ECW has been rumored to be preparing for a brand readjustment. Jackson would be a perfect launching vehicle for the new “Future Champions of Wrestling” organization, if it happens. I could also see Vladimir Kozlov coming out to keep Jackson from winning. Since I feel the World and WWE titles are going to stay put, I expect Jackson to take the strap. Jackson, Christian, Hurricane, Yoshi Tatsu, Vladimir Kozlov and Zack Ryder will almost certainly go into Chamber, next month.

Predicted Winner: Ezekiel Jackson (New Champ)

Michelle McCool v Mickie James
Women’s Title Match

Backstory: McCool and Layla have been making life Hell for Mickie James. They have been making fun of her weight, calling her “Piggy James”. They have humiliated her, several times. This is her chance to get even.

Predictions: Mickie deserves to win the title. She has put up with a lot of stuff over the last few weeks. Layla will likely get involved, as will Beth Phoenix and/or Maria. I could almost see a female Elimination Chamber

Predicted Winner: Mickie James (New Champ)
Predicted Grade: B-

The Royal Rumble Match

Predictions: Ok, this is one of the toughest matches of the year to call. There are so many variables. 25 spots have been filled, leaving 5 open. Jericho and Hurricane might be out due to their recent arrests. Santino is most likely out, thanks to that nasty head shot to the ring post that connected a little too much. That leaves some interesting open spots. After Eric Bischoff’s nasty comments about the Honky Tonk Man, I could see Vince giving HTM a shot. Both companies have a passing interest in Randy Savage, so he’s always a possible. Booker T is almost a lock. Edge is a possible, if he is cleared to wrestle. There are always Hall of Famers to choose from.

Now, talking winners. Shawn Michaels just seems far too obvious a choice. I would sooner go with Triple H, who has been the runner-up for the last two years. I also like the thought of Cena. Cena is one of the few top stars who hasn’t faced Taker. I would much rather see Cena v Taker than Shawn v Taker II. If Booker shows up, he’d also be a good choice to battle Taker. Actually, the scenario that I like best is the following: Kane tosses out Shawn and then Triple H. Cena then pitches Kane to the floor. D-X is so ticked off that they challenge the Brothers of Destruction to a Tag Team Title match at Wrestlemania. Therefore, my selection for the winner is…

Predicted Winner: John Cena
Predicted Grade: A+

In Conclusion:

There is the possibility of more matches tossed in, including the Divas Championship Finals. This doesn’t feel like one of the strongest Royal Rumble cards but it should be decent. Orton v Sheamus just doesn’t work for me as a main event. Rey v Taker is going to be decent, unless Batista sticks his nose in. The ECW match may be ok, but nothing spectacular. As for the women, Yawn! The only saving grace is going to be the Rumble match. Hopefully, the WWE will toss in a few big surprises. I’ve even heard the bizarre rumor that Bret Hart might be in the match. I really doubt that but it would be fun. Anyway, I’ve placed my order for the show and it should be fun to watch.


–Jay Shannon
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